Welcome to the Flory/Flora/Florey/Florea/Flori etc. genealogy site.  The original purpose (when a F/F/F site was first created by Ken Florey on  June 15, 2001 (using files he had “prepared earlier”)) was to promote more general awareness  of the history of the Flory family in America, focusing particularly on those lines that arrived in North America prior to 1755.  Over time information regarding post-1755 lines as well as lines originating from and settling outside of North America came to be included.  It was also a tool (like the Printed Newsletter) that encouraged and nurtured projects that led to the discovering of more information on the Lines than probably any of us originally knew existed. 

To help in carrying on the original site’s purpose, if anyone has further information on any one of the lines (or even on new lines), its sharing would be most appreciated. Please take some time to browse the features of the page and to look at the family lines shown both under “Lines:  North America” and “Lines: Australian, English, French, German, Swiss“.  The early North American Flory lines are divided into nine main branches (A-I), and a page is devoted  to each.  You can access the various pages either by using the drop-down menu boxes at the top of each page or by using the “Search” function on this Home Page.

Any suggested additions, corrections, updates are most welcome.  And please offer contributions to add to the data, writings and other miscellaneous items related to F/F/F on this site.  It is only through sharing that we can hope to fill in some of the gaps that we all have in our knowledge and understanding of history.

Comments can be left at the bottom of this Home page.

This Site was relaunched on 24 January 2013 using the WordPress Platform and software.  (Originally the data was hosted on various evolutions of Rootsweb).  It is a work in progress, especially as regards possibly the creation of an Index of the Newsletter archive (all issues of which are now uploaded and accessible with a Table of Contents “tool” at the bottom of both of the main pages) and some of the longer documented lines.  If you wish to compare the current pages with those at the Rootsweb site, click here.

Current (2013) Web Administrator:  Steve Flora.  Original Web Administrator:  Ken Florey.  Original site advisory panel  Brian Flora, Tim Flora, Steve Flora, Shirley Gamble, Dick Gethmann, Pat Hageman, John Marcinkowski, Betty Naff Mitchell, Donna O’Malley.

NEWS (17 April 2013):     There is now a newly inaugurated “sister site” at the following link:  http://floryfamilytree.com/

This TMG/SecondSite created page is administered by David Flory and he advises the following:  “The http://floryfamilytree.com/ web site is nearing its final form. I have settled on a design/theme and have figured out how to add several master indexes that include every individual in all twenty five family trees. I think the site is ready for public scrutiny.  It still needs work.  Particularly on the place information in the E-Line.  I also intend to keep adding cross-links to tie together the various trees.   Feel free to send comments and suggestions.”

MYSTERY and FAITH by Wilmer B. Flory (1914)

There’s a something in the flower

That exalts the soul of man.

There’s something in the sunset

That its dying embers fan.

There’s something in the starlight,

Beaming gently on the Earth

That softly sweeps our heartstrings

Giving harmony a new birth

What that glorious something is,

I cannot clearly tell;

But I see it in all nature,

And Faith whispers, “All is well.”

(For further on Wilmer B. Flory see the Newsletter Vol. 19, No. 4 pages 22-24)

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  1. And, some further thoughts from Sabine Regarding Birkenau, Pfugstadt and the Floris ….

    Florey, Flora, Flohri, Flory Family History: Sabine … one further question …. how close is Pfungstadt to Birkenau?

    Sabine Schleichert About 20 miles. I would have expected them to go to Mannheim and board a ship on the Rhein river, which would have been the easiest way of transportation. Instead, they went to Pfungstadt. Maybe there was some sort of collection point – either there or somewhere on the way to the Rhein from there, like, in Mainz or such.

    Sabine Schleichert Burgert writes that the earliest immigrants from Pfungstadt came before 1718. One Johann Nicolaus Crössmann, prominent in the New Providence congregation, is documented in PA by 1718, then returned to Germany, married and came back to PA in 1727, and lived in New Providence at least until 1744. He may have been something like a catalyst for the immigration from that area, and possibly organizing it.

  2. 4 November 2014 … On this date received an interesting email from Sabine Schleichert, a German based genealogist whom a number of us worked with in the 1990s to clarify many questions that we had concerning the German origins of many of the F/F/F family lines. After about two years of cooperative research efforts, Ken Florey (and his better half), Brian Flora and Steve Flora met Sabine in Birkenau, Germany in 1999 for a “meet/greet/walk around” of the area. This introduction is required in order to explain Sabine’s opening remarks in this email. An email that contains some very interesting new information regarding Nicholas Adolph Flori (Flohri) and his marriage shortly before his departure from Germany for North America in 1754. The following is the email (which has sparked considerable interest among those of us either connected to, or just interested in the E-Line (which, not coincidentally, is the focus of the 1997 book THE 1754 FLORY/FLORA/FLOREY BROTHERS FROM BIRKENAU TO AMERICA: A Genealogy By Florey and Hageman.

    Dear F/F/F/F folks,
    > Even though I never returned to Birkenau, I naturally thought of you
    > when I coincidentally stumbled across additional information on
    > Adolph, which is not listed in either of your two websites.
    > Annette K. Burgert: Eighteenth Century Emigrants from Pfungstadt,
    > Hessen-Darmstadt to Pennsylvania, Myerstown PA 1995, p. 10:
    > Adolph Flori, J&E 1754
    > Pfungstadt Lutheran church records, 1754 June 9: “The following
    > persons from the Chur Pfalz [which in this case is not absolutely
    > correct, as we all know] were married at Pfungstadt and are going to
    > Pennsylvania: Adolph Flori and Catharina Elisabetha Koch.”
    > Other couples who married on the same day and also are listed on the
    > J&E, according to A.K. Burgert:
    > Jacob Bernhard & Anna Barbara Abel
    > Johann Nicolaus Deeh & Anna Margaretha Abel Johann Georg Müller &
    > Catharina Kayser The entries do not seem to say anything about where
    > exactly those four couples came from. Of course some of them might
    > indeed be from Pfungstadt.
    > All the best!
    > Sabine

  3. Hi everyone,
    My name is Tamika and I am a descendant of Anna Maria Florig born 19 October 1812 from Hessen, Germany. She was the daughter of Johannes Florig (b. 1777) and Eva Catharina Schaefer (b. 1787). Anna Maria married Georg Adam Sattler born 28 April 1810 from Wald-Michelbach, Germany. They married 1 April 1839 in Wald-Michelbach, Germany. They had 4 children but only 2 survived (one being my 3x great-grandmother). Elisabetha (Elizabeth) Catharina (Catherine) Sattler also know as Saddler was born 1850 Wald-Michelbach, Germany. She died 27 May 1933 in Prince of Wales Bay, Tasmania, Australia. She married Thomas Chambers born 1843 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. He died 2 March 1926 in the Public Hospital Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. They married 1 July 1868 at the Congregational Church Brighton, Tasmania, Australia. They had 10 children.

    I thought as there was no information on Anna Maria Florig I would tell you how I was a descendant. I have only started this side of the family as I hadn’t been able to locate Elisabetha Catharina Sattler before this week.

    Kind Regards
    Tamika-Lee Phillips
    Victoria, Australia

    • Tamika,

      Interesting. Thanks for the contribution … perhaps someone will have some connection to your line … I do know of a Florig from Germany who is now living in the United States. Please be sure to pass along anything else you may uncover regarding your ancestors.


  4. Is there anyone who might help me extend my history. I and others have been stuck at 1832 and cannot seem to go any further. We have relatives in PA. Please feel free to call me or if permissible, I will contact you. Thank you! 252-230-7083

  5. Hello all … still monitoring the Site …. has been fairly quiet for almost a year now … perhaps we have uncovered most of the interesting things about the F/F/F’s ??? I don’t really think so. At least in my case, I am still working on trying to find (approximately at least) the gravesites in Pulaski County, Virginia of Nicholas Adolph Flohri and his wife …. if/when anything definite turns up there, I will be posting it.

    If anyone else has updates on their research, or just questions, it would be good to just periodically post them up here. One never knows when a connection might be made.


  6. An update … just finished reading the Jacob Flory letters mentioned in my last (via Richard Gethmann’s link) … fascinating story and so well written and worded for the time. Interesting seeing the various strands of the boy’s story come out as you read through the whole series of letters written to various members of his family …. especially when you hold in the back of your mind the knowledge that he is not going to survive his “great adventure” …. touching …. S.

  7. On the Ohio Civil War Vets Page, there is some interesting information provided by Richard Gethmann on the Union serviceman Jacob B. Flory. Along with a link to his page which provides the full text of Jacob’s letters to his parents during the conflict. Unfortunately, Jacob was another of the casualties of that war dying at the young age of 19 (already a three-year veteran by that time) …. S.

  8. Another area that might connect with someone out there … Nicholas Adolph Flohri son John (died 1850, in Macon County, Illinois) also had a son named John (born in 1791). Both John and his son were part of the 1829 migration from Wythe County, Virginia to Illinois. Does anyone know anything of further regarding this 1791 John’s family history? It is known he was living at least in 1842 by his being mentioned in his father John’s will … but I, at least, don’t have anything further on him (other than that he probably married a Polly Penner at some point). Anything that anyone could add to that would be appreciated by at least several of us ….. S.

  9. Have had my nose stuck into the Civil War Personnel Database a lot over the last few weeks, as sort of my tribute to the ongoing commemorations of the 150th anniversary of that conflict. What I’ve been doing is going through all the 27 variations of the F/F/F names and then looking in the various States to see just where our F/F/Fs fit. I have been keeping those who use Facebook updated on the progress via the Facebook page for the site. But, thought I would give everyone on this contact list a general update to encourage you to check out the pages and see if I have missed anyone that you know as being a Civil War serviceman (on either side). Also, if you might have information or photos, etc. to share about any of the people on the various pages, I (and I am sure others) would be very interested to see them. I have a bit of extra information up there on a few fellows courtesy of a couple of other contributors. I would like to see more. It is a work in progress.

    The Webpagelink is https://flohri1754.wordpress.com/ just click on that and it will take you to it. Look for the tab at the top Named “Civil War” https://flohri1754.wordpress.com/civil-war-american/ and then you will see supplementary tabs under that for all the various U.S. States in the units of which F/F/Fs were enlisted or otherwise engaged. There are also tabs for the Regulars, one for the Navies (though only one individual I have found so far joined up to go to see, or actually river it would seem). An interesting page is that for the “Galvanized” troops …. read it and see what I mean. There are some interesting stories and tidbits here and there in the pages. Would be very good to know more about some of the people. When it is known, I have indicated whether someone died in the War or was imprisoned, etc.

    As a bit of an overview …. of the 27 variations of the F/F/Fs name (and since people often couldn’t read or write there can be quite some variance in the names attached to some people)
    286 individuals were enlisted in Union Units
    80 individuals were enlisted or attached in some way to Confederate Units

    A state by state breakdown:

    “Galvanized” 1

    Union: Arkansas 1 California 1 Dakota 1 District of Columbia 1 Illinois 28 Indiana 39 Iowa 4 Kansas 4 Kentucky 13 Louisiana 7 Maryland 11 Massachusetts 4 Michigan 4 Minnesota 3 Mississippi 1 Missouri 15 Nevada 1 New Hampshire 1 New Jersey 3 New Mexico 1 New York 14 North Carolina 1 Ohio 37 Pennsylvania 48 Tennessee 2 Texas 1 Regulars 24 Vermont 7 Washington 1 West Virginia 1 Wisconsin 6

    Confederate: Alabama 6 Arkansas 2 Florida 1 Georgia 4 Kentucky 1 Louisiana 9 Mississippi 6 Missouri 1 North Carolina 9 South Carolina 3 Tennessee 8 Texas 4 Virginia 23 Regulars 3 Navy 1

    Hope that this might perhaps remind us all about the tragic events of 150 years ago … and the painful conflict and division that accompanied it.

  10. NEWS: There is now a newly inaugurated “sister site” at the following link: http://floryfamilytree.com/

    This TMG/SecondSite created page is administered by David Flory and he advises the following: “The http://floryfamilytree.com/ web site is nearing its final form. I have settled on a design/theme and have figured out how to add several master indexes that include every individual in all twenty five family trees. I think the site is ready for public scrutiny. It still needs work. Particularly on the place information in the E-Line. I also intend to keep adding cross-links to tie together the various trees. Feel free to send comments and suggestions.”

  11. Have been doing further work on the F/F/Fs in the Civil War … one of the more intriguing so far is an Alexander Flora who started out (apparently) in the 47th Indiana Volunteer Infantry … but then was also in Co. C, Varner’s Battalion, U.S. Volunteer Infantry …. the latter Unit, it turns out, were “Galvanized Yankees” ….. which from Wikipedia:

    “Galvanized Yankees was a term from the American Civil War denoting former Confederate prisoners of war who swore allegiance to the United States and joined the Union Army. Approximately 5,600 former Confederate soldiers enlisted in the U.S. Volunteers, organized into six regiments between January 1864 and November 1866. Of those, more than 250 began their service as Union soldiers, were captured in battle, then enlisted in prison to join a regiment of the Confederate States Army. They surrendered to Union forces in December 1864 and were held by the United States as deserters, but were saved from prosecution by being enlisted in the 5th and 6th U.S. Volunteers.[1] Approximately 800 former Confederates also served in volunteer regiments raised by the states, forming ten companies. Four of those companies saw combat in the Western Theater against the Confederate Army, two served on the western frontier, and one became an independent company of U.S. Volunteers, serving in Minnesota.”
    He could be a most interesting fellow …. with many a tale to tell IF he had told them!

  12. Moving on the F/F/F Civil War Veterans broken down by State project …. I am through “Florin” and almost through “Flory”. The plan is to move through all the various variations of the F/F/F names, post them alpabetically under the various States (for both the Union and Confederate Services) … Army and Navy …. and then tabulate the totals …. should provide a tool for people with our interest to manipulate with and perhaps come up with some additional insight as to where the F/F/Fs fit in that struggle. The totals of individuals for the different States will also reflect some insight onto residence patterns, etc.

    • I know of two Virginians that you’re missing: John M. Flory and James Flory. John served as Private in the 13th VA Inf where he was wounded at the Battle of Gaines Mill in 1862 and then captured at the Second Battle of Fredericksburg during the Chancellorsville campaign in May 1863. Upon his release in late 1863, he joined the 18th VA Cavalry where his younger brother, James, was already serving as a Private. John would subsequently be promoted to Corporal but captured, yet, again, outside of Lynchburg in June 1864 while James would, ultimately, be Killed In Action on September 22, 1864 at the Battle of Fisher’s Hill during the 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign.

      These Flory’s were the sons of Jonathan (brother to my GGG Grandfather, Joel), son of John, son of Reverend John (Johannes) S. Flory, son of Abraham (brother of Joseph I of the C-line.) For what it’s worth, I’m seeking documentary evidence linking Jonathan and Joel to their father, John, and then John to his father Reverend John S. Flory. The only links I have been able to find are via various websites with no bibliographic markings. I would like to have solid, hard evidence or know where the information came from (books, birth/wedding/death certificates, census, etc.)

      I know that Joel Flory (1821-1900, Rockingham County, VA) is my GGG Grandfather via near first hand knowledge. My grandmother (Joel’s Great Granddaughter) is still living and she told me. She was advised by her Father (Joel’s grandson), who was a young boy while Joel was still alive.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Glad I finally found this site. I had only seen the old site which seems to have been incorporated into this one some while back.


      • Chris,
        Hi … thanks for that …. anything additions like this are very helpful. Actually the WordPress site only came online in January (see the Homepage) ….

        Actually, still just working on the Union Veterans at this point … the majority of F/F/Fs were on the Union side. My process is currently to go through the various variations of the names …. first through the Union Army, then Confederate Army, then Union Navy, the Confederate. Not all that quick a process … but eventually should come in quite helpful.

        You never know, someone might have some of the information you are seeking …. if you post this info on the Facebook page as well, that might get to a few more folks.

        Or I can add it myself.

        If you have any photos or other documents you would like to share on these two Confederate veterans, would appreciate you sending them to floras@netspeed.com.au then I can incorporate them into the website.


  13. I have just gone through the Newsletter Archives and tabulated all the F/F/Fs that were mentioned in it. I’ve put links to the Newsletter pages in the relevant Civil War State service pages for the individuals called out. At this point, all served in the Union except for 1 in Mississippi and 1 in Tennessee …. resulting in a total of 16 men cited in the Newsletter over the years. However, I have run across a National Park Service site that lists all the Civil War vets by name …. and so there are many more that I will add to the State pages as I work my way through that archive. The webpage for this (if anyone wants to “jump the gun” and see for yourself before I get it posted on the WordPress site is

  14. The following is the website of Ms. Sabine Schleichert who is a German family history researcher whom a group of us had considerable dealings with over a number of years in the 1990s. If anyone is interested or needs to have research done in Germany regarding family lines, she is definitely an individual I would not be hesitant in recommending. She is also involved (as you can see) in other social and family history projects and activities in that country. S

  15. I am currently engaged in a project to go through the Newsletter and add any US Civil War veterans mentioned there into the various State pages under the F/F/Fs who served in the Civil War section. I will put their name with a link (noting the page number) to the particular Newsletter issue in which mention of the individual is to be found. Perhaps will give us more of an insight into exactly how many CW veterans in the family there are. S.

  16. Anton Fluri has just sent the following:
    “I have just completed all immigration Information about FLURI from Herbetswil (Solothurn, Switzerland) to the US.
    It is „published“ on the following weblinks.

    Two Joseph FLURI in 1852:

    and several FLURI families from 1866 to 1920

    Please keep in mind, that Herbetswil ist only one small village where FLURI’s lived.”

    I thank Anton for this …. and will add the information on a dedicated page linked through the Swiss Lines menu (above). S.

  17. A comment from Jane Belmont (email can be provided upon request):

    “My Flory line starts with Joseph and his last son, Abraham Flory (1735-abt 1827), Abraham’s son, Abraham Jr and his son Abraham III. Abraham Jr hd 3 sons: Jonas, Joseph and Abraham III. Jonas, Joseph and Abraham III wound up in Harrison and Carroll Counties Ohio. Jonas later moved to Illinois. Abraham III’s daughter, Ann Flory, married Adam Deets who were my grandmother’s grandparents.
    I have also been in contact with Richard Gethmann who wrote, “I am currently working to update the Flory/Flora genealogy online, and I would be interested in any information you have about Abraham Flory. I would be happy to share with you anything that I have.” I sent him my research from the Abraham line.
    I never see much on Joseph’s line and I have a lot of research. I have been in contact with a descendent of Jonas’ line and have exchanged information; other than that…. It would be nice to know if any others are researching my “3 Abrahams.” 😉

  18. Have added some further information under the Civil War section regarding several F/F/Fs who seem to have or were serving in Missouri, Mississippi or Tennessee in the Confederate forces.

  19. Note: Have just added an option (see sidebar to right on this Homepage) that enables those interested to sign up to receive email updates when additional comments are made to this Site … Between that option, and the updates on the related Facebook page, the older Rootsweb email list could almost be outdated. S.

  20. Kentucky has a newly updated [as of March 2013] data page on early and military land grants. This also ties in with Virginia grants, of course, since Kentucky was part of Virginia up until becoming a separate state in 1792. There were of course, very strong family ties between the people of the two states following that date. http://www.sos.ky.gov/land/search/

  21. Interesting statistics …. if true:

    On this page http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=califia1&id=I1660 the genealogist Bill Boggess gave the following information regarding the Civil War:

    “There were 50 [fifty] Floras who volunteered in the of 1.05 million CSA [Confederate States Army] members and 117 Floras of the 2.21 million USA [United States Army) members.” I haven’t seen this mentioned before but I find it interesting (if true) as I have not run across any Floras in my lines who served as part of the armed forces of the Confederacy in the 1861-1865 conflict.

    If anyone has information on F/F/Fs who were in the Southern military, it would be interesting to hear from you.

  22. A new Query from Karen Flora at karenflora@hotmail.com
    Regarding: Sanford Flora of Kentucky …. I’m so happy to connect with the Flora Family! I have been researching the Flora’s for several years and made several trips to Kentucky in search of information and just can’t seem to get beyond my 3rd great grandfather, Sanford Flora. He was born about 1830 in Harrison County, KY, I believe. He died in 1904 and is buried at Versailles Cemetery, Woodford County, KY. He married Elizabeth Ann Githens in 1855 in Nicholas County, KY. Their children were Millard, Edward (my ggf), Leonidas, John, Martha and Frank. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it so much!!! Thank you!

  23. Under the “DNA Testing” Page, I’ve added some information regarding the Testing Site “Family Link”. It sounds interesting … if anyone has had any experience with them, please share with the rest of us. S.

  24. An interesting query from Judy Fehringer regarding a John Flora she is trying to track down (under the Questions section) …. and also a brief biography (from 1889) of a Rev J.S. Flory that she has shared has been put under the American B-Line of the Abraham Flury family …

    • i have been working with WikiTree for awhile. It’s a nice collaborative site. My only issue with it is that I do most of my research and updating on Ancestry.com. I download the GEDCOM file from there and upload it to WT, but since I have over 2000 names in my tree, WT won’t let me upload the GEDCOM file (for updates), and it is too much of a hastle to edit the GEDCOM file. But I think, at some point, I will have to do just that.

      • Todd … yes, probably so … as I am doing, however, it gives you a chance (if you have the time) to go through the files and remind yourself just exactly who connects to who (as I for some reason keep forgetting about Nicholas Adolph’s son John (through whom my line runs) and trying to jump straight from N.A. to George! Good to meet up with you on WikiTree though …. I really like its collaborative possibilities. S.

  25. William Floweree Question:

    An interesting query from a new (to me) researcher, Ms. Joan Elburn Farley:

    “I am trying to help an elderly lady, Mrs. Anne Heard Flythe, in Spotsylvania, Virginia trace her family roots. Her Grandmother was an Annie M. Flowerree (1866 Helena, Montana – 1961 Moline, Illinois) who married Willard Lamb Velie (1866 – 1928 Moline, Illinois) – The Velie of the Velie Automobile and the Velie Monocoupe Airplane Engine.

    “To make a long story short and to cut to the chase, Mrs. Flythe has always been told that she is descended from William Floweree who died in 1741 in Spotsylvania, Virginia. In 1730 William became the manager of the mines of Governor Alexander Spotswood, and developed the first hot air furnace. There is a historical marker (J042) for “Spotswood’s Furnace”which addresses the visits of William Byrd, who wrote PROGRESS TO THE MINES: IN THE YEAR 1732. Mr. Byrd took copious notes on the hot air furance developed under the auspices of then Col. Alexander Spotswood. In his notes he addresses meeting Col. Spotswood in “Massaponux” [Part of Spotsylvania, Virginia] where he observed the newly invented hot air furnace. He wrote “Mr. Flowry is the artist that directed the building of this ingenious structure.”

    William Floweree (as Mrs. Flythe seems to believe he spelled his name at that time) married Martha Routt in 1736 in Spotsylvania, and William’s will is in Spotsylvania Will Book A, P. 334, Dec 1, 1741.”

    Has anyone heard of this Floweree connection?

    Ms. Farley would “genuinely appreciate any information you might have on this subject (or advice to keep on searching elsewhere).

    Her email address is available to anyone who thinks she/he might be able to add to this interesting history. S.

  26. Look under the Australian, English, French, German, Swiss Lines Page to see an updated Essay on his family research by Jean-Pierre Vambre … quite interesting ….. “A Puzzle in the Family Tree of Maria Catharina Flory ….. Who Was Lucas Fleuris?”

  27. Have a couple of new pages under the Civil War section. Overall plan is to have a separate page for every state any F/F/F types served in during that conflict. Currently there is one up for Kentucky and one for Ohio. If you have information on individuals who were in that war, please pass them along to me and I will post them up. Can use photos, individual and unit histories, etc. S.

  28. An interesting page for several reasons … anyone ever heard of a “Reverend John Flora” born in 1800 in Germany? Some interesting Kansas connections mentioned in this for throughout the 19th century. I am trying to get the Okay from the author and the Kansas Heritage. org site to post it on the WordPress site as well …. will see if they give the thumbs up or down on the idea ….

  29. Full Contents for the Archived Newsletters are now under each of the Two Newsletter Archives …
    Please also check out the New DNA Research Related Page … Hope to be updating that soon …

  30. Have just completed a “Listing of Contents” for the First Section of the Archived Newsletter covering the years 1988 to 2001. There is an active link in each line to take you to the Newsletter you are looking at. Eventually will do the same for the second section of Archives. S.

  31. Can I add another spelling for Flory? In the Netherlands the letter “Y” was written as “IJ” so my Dutch Flory ancestors records show them as Florij. The “i” and “j” were eventually combined to form a “y”, so from about the mid 19th Century it became Flory. Keep up the good work Steve. I will hopefully get round to posting about my Dutch/English Flory line soon!

  32. An Update … now have all of the FFF Newsletters up on this site through 2001. Just glancing at the pages as they go through the process of scanning, there is some very good information there, even though they were originally put on paper twelve years ago …. Bill (and Bill’s wife) and Leslie did a heck of a job …. S.

    • Bobby, Actually most of the research contained within this site has been done by a lot of other people. I have merely given it a new place to reside. Thanks in any case, S.

  33. So glad you are doing this. Gets me going again. Haven’t worked on genealogy for awhile. My 95 year old mom lives with me…Mary Louise Wray Richards. Her mother was Mamie Mae Flora Wray. Father was David Luther Wray. At any rate, this has sparked my enthusiasm again.

    • Bonnie, Glad to hear that …. If you have anything you would like to have posted up on this site, let me know. In a way I am hoping this can act as a more interactive and quicker responding version of the F/F/F Newsletter. S

    • Hi, cousin Kay! I thought you were….. Came by your house in 2012 but you were gone. As the last male Flory in our family line (we had all girls.), I feel left out. I am Ivan’s youngest son,age 82. so only my oldest daughter is interested in our ancestry. Try me at reflory@ctc.net, and if it is not working, call at 1-704-795-0330. Thanks.
      My address is 2880 Clover Road NW, Concord, NC 28027 Dick Flory

  34. Cool idea! My husband is deep into investigating his family history and we have looked at applications like Family Tree Maker and Reunion to store the data, but the stories are what makes a family history, not just the begats and so on.

    • Yes, trying to make this site a combination of both aspects … the vast bulk of this information was previously on Rootsweb (and in fact still is) but became very clunky to keep updated. Trying to see if WordPress will be better. S.

    • Sandra, if you are interested in various stories … of varying kinds, glance through some of the FFF Newsletters on here …. eventually there will be twenty-five years worth once I get them all uploaded to the site …. S.

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