Early History of Southwest Virginia

These two articles are very good on the early history of the Blacksburg/New River/Wytheville region of Southwestern Virginia.  The area in which Nicholas Adolph Flohri finally settled in the 1780s to 1790s and where he was ultimately buried in 1819.  The “jumping” off point if you will for those later migrants in the F/F/F lines who went to Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana …. my thanks to Mary Miller from Blacksburg for bringing them to my attention.

Early Blacksburg, 1740s-1840s

by Peter Wallenstein



The Transformation of a Frontier Political Culture:
Blacksburg’s Early Experience, 1745-1870

by B. Scott Crawford


They contain many interesting facts regarding the area and the time during which the Flohris / Florys lived there …

Source:   A Special Place for 200 Years      A History of Blacksburg, Virginia     Clara B. Cox, Editor   Chapters 2 and 8             http://spec.lib.vt.edu/bicent/recoll/histbook/chapter8.htm

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