D- Line Englehardt Flori … Immigrant Father From Wiesloch





      Englehardt Flori, the Younger, is one of the more elusive of the immigrant fathers.  Far less is known about him than is known about the founders of the other lines.  On what ship did he come over to this country?  When did he arrive?  What happened to his descendants?  Yet, despite this air of mystery, we do know precisely what town in Germany he emigrated from, Wiesloch, and we do know the name of his parents (Englehardt, the Elder, and Eva Schlegel).

     Wiesloch is a town in Southern Germany that is almost on a direct line from Birkenau, from which the ancestors of the E-Line emigrated, to Switzerland.  Between Birkenau and Switzerland are five or six towns including St. Ilgen and Hohensachsen in which Flori families appear.  Just across the border from Switzerland there is another town called Schopfheim, which had an enclave of Huguenot families, including several with the Flori name. Hans Flori migrated from Switzerland to Birkenau around 1650.  He took with him the Swiss spelling of the Flori name, a spelling that one finds frequently in the aforementioned towns, including Wiesloch.  It is tempting to speculate that all of these Floris were somehow related, and that Englehardt was somehow a descendant of Hans Flori of Birkenau.  At this point, that is conjectural, but if there was a connection, Englehardt’s early emigration might have influenced that of the three brothers from Birkenau in 1754, who were great-grandchildren of Hans’.

      The line offered below is short, but at the moment, it contains all known descendants of Englehardt.  There is some confusion about one of Englehardt’s known sons, John Jacob Flora. On page 261 of his 1948 book on Flory families, Walter Bunderman attributes to this John Jacob Flora, Englehardt’s son, a brief chart of descendants  On page 266 of the same study, Samuel Weaver connects this Jacob Flora and a similar list of descendants to the line of an immigrant from Wittenberg named George.  Both are wrong, and the Jacob Flora who fathered this particular line listed twice in Bunderman  is actually the son of Thomas Flora of England, not of Englehardt or of George the immigrant.  Of Englehardt’s son with a similar name, nothing further is known. For an essay by Tim Flora on the subject see the essay entitled “Jacob Flora’s Ancestry” either from the drop-down menu above.

    Ordinarily, lines begin with the immigrant father, not with the father of that father.  Since so little of Englehardt’s full line is known, however, we will start with Englehardt, the Elder, who was the progenitor of the immigrant to America. 






Descendants of Englehardt Flori

Generation No. 1

1. ENGLEHARDT1 FLORI. He married (1) MARGRETHA ? Bef. 1699. He married (2) EVA SCHLEGEL January 29, 1709/10 in Wiesloch, Germany, daughter of CHRISTIAN SCHLEGEL.

   Englehardt, the Elder, was a shoemaker and  died on May 21, 1717 in Wiesloch


1.1. JOHANN2 FLORI, b. Bef. 1698; m. ANNA MARGARETHA, Abt. 1717.

There is no real evidence that he is son of Englehardt, but his dates do roughly correspond, and he was married  in Nussloch, only a mile from Wiesloch

1.2. BRIGATIN FLORI, b. December 27, 1699, Wiesloch, Germany.

1.3. EVA FLORI, b. June 05, 1700, Wiesloch, Germany; m. JOHANN JACOB SCHLEIK, October 14, 1725.

1.4. MARIA BARBARA FLORI, b. February 13, 1702/03, Wiesloch, Germany.

1.5. HEINRICH FLORI, b. March 08, 1704/05, Wiesloch, Germany.

1.6. MARGRETHA FLORI, b. January 11, 1706/07, Wiesloch, Germany.


1.7. KATHARINA2 FLORI, b. December 07, 1710.

1.8. SEBASTIAN FLORI, b. August 04, 1712.

1.9. LUDWIG FLORI, b. August 23, 1713.

1.10. ENGLEHARDT FLORI, b. August 23, 1716.

Generation No. 2

1.10. ENGLEHARDT2 FLORI (ENGLEHARDT1) was born August 23, 1716. He married ELIZABETH ERBE October 01, 1741 in Strausstown, Berks Co., PA.


1.10.1. JOHN JACOB3 FLORA, b. October 10, 1751.

1.10.2. MARIA MAGDALENA FLORA, b. June 11, 1753.

1.10.3. DAVID FLORA, b. October 13, 1755.

David appears in York Co., Pa Orphan’s Court Record, Book B, page 8, dated May 1763, in which his mother Elizabeth of Codorus Township, late widow of Englehardt Flori, asked to have him apprenticed to Frederick Fissel, miller, until age 21 for 10 pounds and two suits of clothes when he comes of age.