B-Line: The Line of Abraham Flury York, Pennsylvania



      The genealogy below is that of Abraham Flury of York, Pennsylvania, who, with his father, Jacob, formed one of the three main Flory German immigrant lines to America in the first half of the eighteenth century. For quite some time, a myth was perpetuated that Abraham’s father was Pierre Fleury and not Jacob. Shirley Gamble, in her introduction to this line, dispels this myth. For access to her four part introduction to Abraham and his European backgrounds, along with other fascinating information, click on the following links in order: (1) York County PA (Abraham); (2) Philadelphia/Berks County (Jacob): (3) Rhineland Palatinate, Germany; and (4) Hagendorf, Canton Solothurn Switzerland.



Descendants of Jacob Flury


Generation No. 1


Jacob was mentioned in his sister Catharina’s will as an unnamed brother living in America. He lived in Berks Co near Hereford Twp. in 1735. Jacob’s wife may have been a Schwartz. This family came to PA in 1715 when Abraham was five years old. Abraham moved from Berks to Hellam Twpo about 1743.

Child of JACOB FLURY is:

2. i. ABRAHAM2 FLURY, b. Abt. 1705.

Generation No. 2

2. ABRAHAM2 FLURY (JACOB1) was born Abt. 1705. He married SUSANNAH NEFF.


3. i. ISAAC3 FLURY, b. February 01, 1739/40; d. July 09, 1809.

4. ii. JACOB FLURY, b. October 30, 1742; d. March 1813.

iii. BARBARA FLURY, b. August 29, 1743.

5. iv. ABRAHAM FLURY, b. July 04, 1746; d. November 1822.

v. ELIZABETH FLURY, b. November 03, 1747.

6. vi. HENRY FLURY, b. July 19, 1749, York Co., PA; d. August 14, 1819.

vii. ESTHER FLURY, b. February 09, 1750/51.

7. viii. JOHN FLURY, b. June 22, 1752; d. April 1823.

ix. DANIEL FLURY, b. December 17, 1753; d. November 01, 1840.

x. PETER FLURY, b. April 13, 1755.

xi. SUSANNAH FLURY, b. September 26, 1758.

xii. FRANCIS FLURY, b. September 19, 1760.

xiii. LIES FLURY, b. January 10, 1763.

xiv. MARTELENA FLURY, b. February 20, 1764.

Generation No. 3

3. ISAAC3 FLURY (ABRAHAM2, JACOB1) was born February 01, 1739/40, and died July 09, 1809.

Isaac was a weaver and owned 130 acres in 1783 (tax list – PA archives).

He was unmarried at the time of his father’s death in 1777. At the settlement of his father’s estate in 1785, his wife was Marilis (Deed book 2C pp. 371-379). Later he was married to Elizabeth, who renounced the Administration of Isaac’s estate to their son Jacob Flory (19 Aug 1809).

Deed Book 2, Vol. S, page 95, 18 Feb 1806: 162 acres of the original 250 and 302 acres of Abraham Flury estate to Isaac Flury. Isaac had only one child named Jacob. Jacob had eleven children and seven were sons. Isaac’s descendent Paul (6b) developed a large and elaborate family tree of the descendents of Isaac that is in the York Historical Society.

Child of ISAAC FLURY is:

8. i. JACOB4 FLURY, b. December 15, 1784; d. February 28, 1868.

4. JACOB3 FLURY (ABRAHAM2, JACOB1) was born October 30, 1742, and died March 1813. He married EVE ?.

Jacob married Eve (last name unknown]. He is listed on the Hellam Twp tax list as a weaver owning 70 acres in 1783. In York County Will Book N, page 47, dated March 27, 1813, he willed all to his wife Eve and his five daughters. Deed Book 3, Vol 1, pages 405 (Oct 27 1827): Jacob Flory estate 1/5 to daughter Nancy married to Jacob Landis.

Children of JACOB FLURY and EVE ? are:





9. v. SUSANNA FLURY, b. August 26, 1787; d. April 10, 1860.

5. ABRAHAM3 FLURY (ABRAHAM2, JACOB1) was born July 04, 1746, and died November 1822. He married MARTELENA.

Abraham married Martelena [last name unknown]. Abraham owned 68 acres of land in 1783. His will appears in Deed Book O, page 495, dated Nov 5, 1822, Wrightsville Boro. Executors were Christian Stoner and son, Abraham Flury (III). Provision was made for the cemetery at Hellam to extend to the turnpike and for two stones for $20 and $100 to Menoist congregation, the remainder to be divided into nine equal shares for sons and daughters Barbara, John, Susanna (wife of George Mann), Abraham, Daniel, Jacob, Magdalena (wife of Samuel Mann) Esther (William Mann) and Francis. In Deed Book 3, Vol. I, page 507 (April 4, 1828), the Abraham Flury Estate in Hellam was sold to Henry Wilton by executors Christian Stoner and son Abraham. In will book P, page 522 Nov 13, 1827, Barbara Flury died single and willed all to her dear brother, Francis, in Wrightsville Boro.

Children of ABRAHAM FLURY and MARTELENA are:

i. BARBARA4 FLURY, d. 1827.

10. ii. JOHN FLURY, b. Abt. 1772.


iv. ABRAHAM FLURY, b. March 15, 1777; d. September 17, 1832; m. CATHERINE HERR.

Abraham’s wife, Catherine Herr, is the daughter of John “Courty” Herr mentioned in his will of 1806. Both are buried in Flury Cemetery (Strickler Cemetery). Orphan’s Court rcords, Book R, page 43 (Nov 6 1832), Abraham Flury died intestate leaving 130 acres in Hellam Twp. He left a widow and 11 children. Their names are listed below. In Book R, p. 205 on April 16, 1834, Peter Cline was appointed guardian of Rudolf under 14, and on Feb. 18, 1834, Jacob Livengood was appointed guardian for Nancy under 14 and Henry, Susan, and Martha over 14. In Will Book T, p. 273, Windsor Twp., dated Nov 7 1849, Catherine Flury, widow of Abraham, willed all to daughters Eliza (Henry) Kline, Mary Ann (Peter) Kline, Martha, Nancy, and sons John, Abraham, Jacob and Daniel. Executors were Jacob and Daniel Flury. In Deed Book No. 3, Vol V, page 258, dated April 4, 1850, Abraham Estate in Windsor Twp. released property to David Bahn, signed by sons Jacob, Daniel, Rudolph, and daughters Eliza Kline, Mary Ann Kline, Susan (David K) Ruby, Martha (Jacob) Harris, Nancy (John), Ruby. (More information will be made available upon request).

v. DANIEL FLURY, b. February 06, 1780; d. November 01, 1840.

vi. JACOB FLURY, b. 1783; d. 1866.

vii. MARTHA MAGDELENA FLURY, b. November 15, 1782; d. February 17, 1844; m. (1) RUDOLPH HERR; m. (2) SAMUEL MANN.


ix. FRANCIS FLURY, b. 1795; d. 1852; m. SARAH EPPLEY, April 1818, First Evangelical Church, York, PA.

6. HENRY3 FLURY (ABRAHAM2, JACOB1) was born July 19, 1749 in York Co., PA, and died August 14, 1819. He married ROSANNA REITER.


i. ABRAHAM4 FLURY, b. 1777; d. March 05, 1863; m. LEAH TRIMMER.

ii. MARY ANN FLURY, b. 1780; d. Bef. 1841; m. JACOB BENDER.

iii. JOHN FLURY, b. 1782; d. 1850-1859; m. ELIZABETH.

iv. BARBARA FLURY, b. June 01, 1785; d. 1877; m. (1) OWEN MURRAY; m. (2) JOHN CANNON.

7. JOHN3 FLURY (ABRAHAM2, JACOB1) was born June 22, 1752, and died April 1823. He married ANNA KAUFMANN.

Children of JOHN FLURY and ANNA KAUFMANN are:

i. SUSANNA4 FLURY, b. February 1785; d. March 20, 1859.

ii. ABRAHAM FLURY, b. May 01, 1791; d. January 31, 1871; m. MAGDELENA STRICKLER.

iii. JOHN FLURY, b. February 1794; d. November 26, 1856; m. NANCY BRANNER.

Generation No. 4

8. JACOB4 FLURY (ISAAC3, ABRAHAM2, JACOB1) was born December 15, 1784, and died February 28, 1868. He married (1) ?. He married (2) MARY ANN ?.

Children of JACOB FLURY and ? are:

i. DANIEL5 FLURY, b. December 25, 1805; m. LYDIA ?.

Daniel and his wife are buried in the Strickler (Flory) Cemetery


iii. ISAAC FLURY, b. November 23, 1811; d. August 21, 1867; m. NANCY ?.

Isaac is buried in the Smoketown Cemetery, Goldsboro

iv. JACOB FLURY, b. September 11, 1814; m. CATHERINE ?.

Jacob and Mary are buried in Emanuel Lutheran and Reformed Cemetery, Windsor Twp

v. MALE FLURY, b. 1816.

Children of JACOB FLURY and MARY ? are:

vi. FRANCIS B5 FLURY, b. January 08, 1839; d. September 17, 1855.

vii. HENRIETTA FLURY, b. 1841; m. ? FRITZKEE.

viii. HENRY S. FLURY, b. February 11, 1844.

ix. REBECCA FLURY, b. 1847; m. ? BLACKSON.

x. WILLIAM S. FLURY, b. July 20, 1854; d. December 1939; m. MATILDA GILBERT.

xi. MARY FLURY, b. 1861; m. ? CLINTON.

9. SUSANNA4 FLURY (JACOB3, ABRAHAM2, JACOB1) was born August 26, 1787, and died April 10, 1860. She married ISAAC STRICKLER, son of PETER STRICKLER and NANCY GROOM.


i. ANNA5 STRICKLER, b. August 13, 1809.

ii. JACOB STRICKLER, b. September 26, 1811.

iii. ISAAC STRICKLER, b. June 21, 1815.

iv. SUSANNA STRICKLER, b. April 07, 1817.

v. MARIA STRICKLER, b. February 20, 1820.

vi. THOMAS STRICKLER, b. February 20, 1820; d. July 16, 1855.

He became a Mennonite minister.

vii. SAMUEL STRICKLER, b. February 15, 1822.

viii. JESSE STRICKLER, b. 1824.

ix. ELIZABETH STRICKLER, b. February 17, 1827.

x. DAVID STRICKLER, b. October 07, 1829.

10. JOHN4 FLURY (ABRAHAM3, ABRAHAM2, JACOB1) was born Abt. 1772. He married CATHERINE ?.

More information about the children of John and Catherine will be made available upon request.

Children of JOHN FLURY and CATHERINE ? are:

i. ABRAM5 FLURY, d. 1841.


iii. HENRY FLURY, b. 1808; m. SARAH.

iv. JACOB B. FLURY, b. February 22, 1817; d. June 14, 1887; m. ELIZA ANN.