B-Line: The Flory Family in the Rhineland Palatinate



     Some of you may recall that Sabine Schleichert, German genealogist discovered a 1735 estate document for Peter Meyer and Catharina Flory which mentioned that she had a brother living in the “new land” (America).  I was able to connect this family to Jacob Flury, Abraham’s father.  In 2002 I made a trip to the villages in the Rhineland Palatinate where they lived.  I have since found new information and added more descendents to this section in recent months.  If you wish further information about this family, please contact me at:

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Most of the information in this chapter comes from the Palatine Mennonite Census List (Gust and Mast) unless another source is mentioned.

The Flury, Weiss, Wuertz, Frey and Durst families arrived safely in the Rhineland Palatinate.  They met new Swiss friends along the way named Meyer, Beutler/Beidler and Lichti.  They arrived in between the 1685 census and the 1717 census (Palitine Mennonite Census List (Gust and Mast).

Archive Number 77/4237-1717, Folio 16:  Destination of the Mennonites staying in the Obermt Lautern:  Friedrich Wuertz,  Hans Weiss, Hans Durst, Johannes Lichti, Hans Martin Frey, Johannes Frey.

Jacob Flury, Franz Flory and Christian Beutler and his siblings are left out of this group as their destination was Otterberg City.  The census records for Otterberg City and the village of Flurhof are missing from the official records at Heidelberg.  This is not unusual.  Many records were lost or destroyed by war and various other reasons.

The strong bond between the Flury, Weiss and Wuertz group from the northeastern part of Switzerland and their involvement with the Lichti and  Beutler/Beider family from the southwest corner of the capitol city of Bern is curious.  These families must have met along the way.  They could not  make the long journey without extended layovers.  Peter Meyer was from Baerschwil.  Catharina must have met and married Peter in Baerschwil.  Baerschwil is also the logical route for those coming from Bern to get to the Rhineland Palatinate.  Maybe the Beutlers and Lichti’s were also there.



A few years ago, Sabine Schleichert, a German genealogist, discovered a 1735 estate settlement for Peter Meyer and Catharina Flory.  Since they had no children, the estate was divided among their siblings.  Peter’s only heir was his brother Hans who lived at Baerschwil, (Canton Solothurn) Switzerland.  The heirs of Catharina were her brothers and sisters:

(Source:  Institute fur Pfalzische Geschichte)



1. CATHARINA FLORY m. PETER MEYER: They were living in Lautern when one or both died in 1733 when an estate inventory was taken. The estate was settled in 1735.  They may have been living at Lautern when the 1724 census was taken: “One Anabaptist who owns no property, but operates Mr. Rettig’s grist mill on a temporary tenancy.  He has capital of 120 florins (PMCL, p. 26).  Some census takers got their information from one of the citizens in the town if the family was away or if he did not want to go out of his way.


2. DECEASED DAUGHTER.  Her name is said to be Barbara but there is no proof.  It is not known if she died in Germany, went on the same ship with Jacob and died at sea or died in America.  Her husband is not mentioned so he may also be dead.   Her heirs were her “two children living in the new world” (America).  There was also a comment that the shares of those in the new world would stay under administration in Germany.  It usually took the services of an attorney to resolve these issues.


3. ANNA FLORY.  She was “living in the rear of Lenzburg Castle” when the estate was settled.  I took a tour of Lenzburg Castle in 2002 and asked specific questions about the castle.  The large front rooms were for entertaining.  The Vogt (district official) and his wife had separate bed rooms and sitting areas in the back of the castle.  To me this meant that Anna was married to the district official DANIEL STURLER.  Swiss women always retain their maiden names.     


4. JACOB FLORY (ca. 1681 – aft 1750).  His wife is said to be named ANNA but nothing else is known.  Jacob probably met his wife in Switzerland.  Swiss names of Lack or Weiss are the best possibilities.   Jacob and Anna are known to have had three children:  ANNA ELIZABETHA (ANELLE), ABRAHAM and JACOB.  Abraham is the only one who is believed to have an accurate birth date (1710).  ANELLE died in 1775 in York Co two years before her brother Abraham.  Her first husband Cornelius Cooper died in 1759.  It is unknown if Jacob Jr. is the oldest, middle or youngest child.  His name is mentioned in the Berks County, PA records.  More information about this family is in the Berks County, PA section.

Jacob and his brother Franz located near OTTERBURG instead of locating in LAUTERN where his sister Catharina and the Wuertz family located.  This might explain the close ties between Jacob Flury and Ulrich Beidler in Berks County, PA that continued in York County where Abraham Flury and Ulrich Beidler bought adjoining property.

While searching for the children of Uli Flury in Germany in 2002, I found FLURHOF the first place our Fluri family lived in Germany.  It is very near the boundary line between the ALSEY and LAUTERN districts in an isolated area.  I had a hard time finding it.  I can understand how the ALSEY census taker missed it.

Jacob and Franz lived at Flurhof but conducted their business in the nearby town of Otterberg.  Franz was a miller and Jacob a linen weaver.  They also farmed.  Giving the family background of operating a tavern, they may have distilled liquor which has had many uses throughout recorded history.

Previously I believed that their father Uli also came to Germany.  It is more likely that he stayed at Lenzburg Castle where his wife and daughter Anna lived.  More about this Flury family is in the Berks County PA section.


5. MAGDELENA FLORY.  She is the second wife of Ulrich ELLENBERGER (b. Nov 1693), RUDERSWIL, Bern Switzerland.  He died in 1766 in RUSSINGEN, Palatinate, Germany, which is very near the villages where her brother Franz lived.  His father was Ulrich Ellenberger (born 12 Jan 1655) at Ruderswil who married ELSBETH THOMI.  He was called an Anabaptist at the baptism of his children in 1701 and 1703.  He was living in Biglen in 1686 when his son Peter was baptized.  Magdalena’s husband was a hereditary tenant of the OTTERBERGERHOF in RUSSINGEN, a village south of IMMERSHEIM.  In 1757 he transferred his farm to his son Rudolph (ca 1723-ca 1768) who married Katharina Stauffer of Bolanderhof, Germany (RWD Vol. 1, pages 138-139 has the Swiss Ellenberger genealogy).


(1)ULRICH ELLENBERGER) ( born ca. 1728- bef 1790).  Both brothers arrived on the Ship Andrew 9 SEPT 1749 in Philadelphia, PA.  They initially stayed at the home of their Uncle JACOB FLURY and his son ABRAHAM in HELLAM TWP (now WRIGHTSVILLE) PA.  Jacob had a small house on the property of his son Abraham and family.  The two Ellenberger sons found a place in Manchester Twp near their cousin Daniel Flury, son of Abraham.  Ulrich bought 200 acres of land in Windor Twp.  He died before 1790. His wife Veronica was listed as widow on the 1790 census.  Veronica was still alive in 1793 but deceased by 1799 at Manor Twp, Lancaster Co.


(a) Eve (ca 1760) m. Christian Kauffman before 1793.

(b) Anna (1764) m. Christian Ellenberger before 1793.

(c) Ulrich (ca 1770).  He was living with his mother in Windsor Twp, in 1790.  He married Madalena Funk of Manor Twp. before 1804.  He was living in Manor Twp in 1810.


(2) PETER ELLENBERGER (b. ca. 1730-1796). He lived his entire life in PA in Manchester Twp.  He wrote his will in German but it is not recorded in the York County will book. His executors were Henry Strickler and Abraham Lieb.  He was married to Eve who died about 1802. In 1780 he was taxed at Manchester Twp, York County in 1780 on 126 acres.  He was living at Manchester Twp.

The 1790 census shows one male over the age 16 and two males under age 16 and also two females in his household.  He had at least two sons and probably had other children.  He witnessed his brothers will in 1793. He arrived on the ship “St. Andrew” with his brother Ulrich.


 6. FRANZ FLORY SR: (ca. 1690-aft 1759).  His wife’s maiden name is Weiss.  He was living at Flurhof in 1711.   He was a miller and did business in the town of Otterberg.  This is all speculative but may test where his birthdate falls within the probable range of birthdates for him and his siblings.

In Chapter II it was estimated that Uli’s children were probably born between 1681 and 1693.  Anna Flory, first child of Franz Flory Jr, was born in 1750.  If Franz Sr. was age 30 when his son Franz Jr. was born, Franz Sr. was born in 1690.  The estimated range of his children’s ages were 1681-1693 so the family is within this range.
In 1744 Franz was living at Harxheim in the Alzey District.  It is not far from the town of Worms which is on the east side of the Rhine River.  Franz was living on the estate of Immersheim in the Alzey District in 1753.   He had changed mills with his son -in-law Jakob Licht.  Since Harxheim is smaller than Immersheim, Franz may be slowing down.   

   6.1 FRANZ FLORY JR. (b. 1721-8 SEPT 1780).  His wife’s maiden name is said to be Brubacher.  He was born in Harxheim.  He moved to Eisenberg and is buried there.  In 1753 he acquired the Nachmuhle (mill) near Eisenberg.  Beginning in 1755, he was the tenant of the Nachmuhle (mill) in Eisenberg that the Weiss family previously operated.  His children are as follows:       6.11) JOHANN JACOB (b. July 1749) m. Elisabeth Goebel (Mennonite).Daughter Susanna was born in 1780 in Eisenberg.

      6.12)  ANNA FLORY of Eisenberg (1750-18 Feb 1792) m. JACOB KREIBIEL (1749-2 JUN 1815). Her property list (30 May 1793) states that Jacob is the hereditary lessee of Klauserhof.  All of their children except Katharina went to America.  Her son Johannes, age 19, was in America in 1793.            

             6.121) KATHARINA, 6.122) JOHANNES, 6.123) JACOB, 6.124) MARIA m. JACOB LATSCHAR, 6.125) JOSEPH KREIBIEL (4  DEC 1798 m. KATHARINA HERTZLER 5 JUN 1815.  They went to Ashland C0,  KY in 1839 (RWD), Vol. II, p. 246-7).      6.13) ELIZABETH FLORY (ca. 1751). No other information.

     6.14) FRANZ FLORY III (ca 1754-abt 1831)  From 1771 Franz Flory was a tenant of the Weismuhle near Eisenberg.  1833 inheritance document deceased miller at the Weismuhle near Eisenberg, 9 August.  Heir Susanna Flory, wife of Johannes Wuertz from Munchhof near Hockspeyer, Anna Flory (1750-Feb 18 1792) married Jacob Kreibel, Jacob Flory who went away about 15 years ago. Frank Latschar, son of Susanna and first husband Franz Latschar, Franz Hahn of Oberflorsheim.

This suggests that Franz III had no children of his own.  If he was ever married his wife was deceased.  It appears that Jacob who went away 15 years ago is his brother and the father of Susanna.  Nothing is known about Franz Hahn of Oberflorsheim. 

6.15 SUSANNA FLORY (ca 1755)

   6.2 ANNA CATHARINA FLORY (ca 1724) She married Jacob Lichti. She was probably married to Jacob in 1744 when he operated the mill at Immersheim.  They had a son and two daughters.  Their birthdates are unknown.     CHILDREN OF ANNA CATHARINA FLORY AND JACOB LICHTI

        6.21) Anna (died as an infant). 6.22 Anna Catharina (no other information). 6.23 Tobias Lichti (wife and three children) operated the mill at Einselthum in 1753.

  6.3 DORATHEA FLORY (b. ca 1726) m. JOHANNES LEISY.  He is said to be the son of Jakob Leisy and Maria Brubaker. The Leisy family lived near JACOB FLURY/FLORY in BERKS COUNTY PA.  Since Jacob is her uncle, it is reasonable but not yet confirmed. 
  6.4 ULRICH FLORY (b ca 1729) m. ANNA CATHARINA KREHBIEHL  He was a Mennonite and operated the Otterberger estate at Einselthum in 1759 with a wife and one child.  His father Franz and his mother was living with them. Einselthum is on a steep sloping hillside on the north side of Hwy 47 and is across the highway from the villages of Immersheim and Harxheim       6.4.1)Anna Margaretha (b. abt 1762).  No other information.



In 2002 I visited the towns and villages and took pictures where the Flory family once lived.  Descendents of Franz Flory had lived at Harxheim, Immersheim, Einselthum and Eisenberg.  Descendents of Magdalena Flory Ellenberger lived at Russingen where boys were playing soccer that Saturday.  The last stop was Wellers Weinhaufel (Wine House) in Einselthum.  A break was needed. The villagers were friendly and helpful but language was a barrier.  No one named Flory was living there now.

Jacob and Franz had lived near Otterberg and they had done business in Otterberg when they first arrived in Germany.  Flurstrasse Street was on the map so I went there.  An old man walking a dog asked me if I was looking for someone who lived on that street.  He was very friendly and helpful.  He explained that persons named Flory had lived there years ago and gave me their names.  Nothing checked out.  I assumed the Flory families he knew were probably descendents of Franz Sr. whose descendents had moved back to Otterberg.  It appeared to be a thriving town and much more populated than the villages where Franz Sr. and his offspring had lived.  No one named Flory was found.  Even so the trip was fun despite getting lost a few times.  U.S. troops were stationed just down the road.  They were friendly and seemed were very willing to give directions and aid two tired and helpless but happy USA citizens.