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     Below is a bibliography of sources for Flory researchers.  The basis for this bibliography comes from one published in a book that Pat Hageman and I co-edited on the Flory Brothers of 1754.  Still, while it is weighted towards the E-line, there are a number of books that should be of use to any Flory/Flora researcher, including several dealing with the Naff family, who intermarried into at least three different Flory lines (B, C, and E).   If you have used a source in your research that you have found helpful that is not on this list, please make note of it in an entry on the bottom of the Home Page.  Thank you.

    Birkenau Lutheran Church Kirchenbuch, Filmed Records of the Church of The Latter Day Saints, Numbers 1340344, 1348721, and 1348722. There is considerable duplication in these films. However, no one film contains the complete records of the church. The parish register includes records of baptisms, marriages, deaths, and confirmations and also covers the towns of Hornbach, Rohrbach, Kallstadt, Unter Liebersbach, Morlenbach, Zotzenbach, Mumbach, Weinheim, Bonsweiher, Vorkelsbach, Geisenbach, Kreidach, Steinach, Weiher, Markenheim, Waldmichelbach, Reisen, and Schimbach.Boitnott, John Wesley,  Naff and Related Families, Swiss Ancestors of Naffs & Neffs in the USA and Descendants of Jacob & Eva Catherine (Flora) Naff and of Sebastian and Mary(Saylor) Naff,  Park View Press, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1979.  Important for researchers of the C-Line (Joseph Flory).  Boitnott had access to the unpublished manuscript of Isaac Naff, grandson of Jacob Naff and Katherine Flory.  Katherine, according to Naff tradition, was born in 1733 on the Hope to Joseph and Mary Flory on their way to America.  Isaac, however, refers to his Flory grandmother as Eva, not Katherine.       Bunderman, Walter Q., Flory, Flora, Fleury Family History, Reading Eagle Press, Reading, Pa., 1948. An attempt to compile statistics on every single Flory family in America. Although outdated and containing some inaccuracies, an essential starting point for anyone interested in Flory, Flora, Fleury family history. A Xeroxed reprint of this work is available for about $14.00 from Bill Flory, 300 Birch, Grandview, WA 98930       Chapman, Eva Florey, Florey Booklet. Privately Printed. No known copy exists of this booklet, which may have been intended originally for a family re-union. Some notes taken by Don Copeland do exist, in which Eva Almira Chapman, great-granddaughter of Adolph, records that all three brothers were bonded to other men when they first arrived in this country.       Coldham, Peter Wilson, Bonded Passengers to America, 3 Volumes.  Genealogical Published Co., Baltimore, 1983.  This volume contains a reference to Thomas Florie, immigrant father of the A-Line, along with another to Edward Flurrey, who may or may not have been related to him.       Dinkey, Gertrude Flory, Genealogy of Flory-Dinkey Family, Privately Printed, 1946. A personal genealogy that traces the author’s ancestry from Johannes Flory of 1754 down to herself, with some commentary about her father, Curtis Bertram Flory. Interesting introduction detailing Dutch Florys. Some errors in the list of Johannes Flory’s descendants. Copies available at many research libraries.       Donson, Gladys, and Lawrence F. Athy, The Thomas Flora Family of London, Maryland, & Virginia, Donath Publishing, Houston, Texas, 1995. Out of Print. Although the Thomas Flora family does not overlap with the family of the 1754 brothers, this volume is an impressive compilation and should be viewed. Although the book is out of print, questions about the family can be directed to Gladys Donson, 13534 Beerbower Rd., Bryan, OH 43506-9619.

      Flora, Adolph, Will, Wythe County, Virginia Will Book 2, p. 276.

      Flora, Eric, Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob B. Flora and Sara Jane Miller. 2000. Nothing else known.

————,  The Life of Carl Jacob Flora and Sarah Evelyn Kuns, 2003. Nothing else known.

      Flora, Joel Cephus, A Genealogy and History of Descendants of Jacob Flora of Franklin County, Va., Privately Printed, Dayton, Ohio, 1951. Much of this material originally was supposed to appear in Bunderman’s study. Flora does devote a section of his study to the 1754 brothers and adds to Bunderman’s account of Adolph.

      Florey, Kenneth, and Pat Hageman, The 1754 Flory/Flora/Florey Brothers From Birkenau to America, Saskia Press, Hamden, Ct., 1997.  Now out of print, this book features a full genealogy of the E-line, along with a history of the family, including its origins in Birkenau, Germany.

      Flory, George, Will, Franklin County, Pennsylvania Will Book “F”, p. 266.

      Flory, John, Will, Northampton County, Pennsylvania Will Book, number 2005.

Flory, Leslie, Compiler, The Family of Abraham Flory (1801-1899). 7 pages, xeroxed.

      Flory, Ruth, My First Ninety Years (as told to E. Ruth Dunning), Kistler Printing Company, East Stroudsburg, Pa., 1983. Not too much of genealogical significancenevertheless an interesting account of a girl’s growing up in an area that used to be part of Northampton County.

      Flory, William, editor, The Flory, Flora, Fleury Newsletter. 1988 to 2012.  See the archive linked from the the home page.

      Gardner, Joseph I., The Ancestry of the Joseph Schoch Family, Onetime of Metamora, Michigan, Privately Printed, Hazel Park, Michigan, 1951. Contains some information about the Flory family, primarily because Daniel Schoch and Samuel Schoch married Ann Margaret Flory and Lydia Flory, daughters of John Flory II and Elizabeth Illick. Xerox copy of booklet available from William Dopke, RD #1, Box 1455, Mt. Bethel, PA 18343.

Gaston, Rev. Fred, 75th Anniversary, Peterson, Storer, Florea Reunion, Adams County, Ohio, 2 volumes, 175 pages. Photos, genealogies, family history.

Harter, Mrs. Charles E., John Flora Sr., 1966. Nothing else known.

      Heavener, the Rev. Ulysses S.A., German New River Settlement Virginia, Reprinted with a New Index by Anita Comtois, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1976. Contains a brief account of the activities of the Rev. Dr. George Daniel Flohr, who was pastor of the New German Settlement beginning about 1795. Probably not connected with the 1754 George Flory.

      History of Macon County, Illinois, Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia, 1880. Contains early vignettes of Floreys and their descendants who settled in the area of Macon County.

      Hohensachsen Evangelic Church Kirchenbuch 1650-1963, Filmed Records of  the Church of the Latter Day Saints, Number 1192215.

Humphrey, John T., Pennsylvania Births Montgomery County, 1662-1800, Gateway Press, Baltimore, Md., 1993. Records David Flora’s birth in 1759 and some tantalizing references to Johann Georg and Maria Catharina Flory, who probably aren’t the 1754 Johann Georg and his wife.

      Kaminkow, Jack and Marion, A List of Immigrants from England to America 1718-1759, 1964.  Contains some brief biographical information about Thomas Florie, immigrant father of the A-Line.

      Kegley, Mary B., Early Adventurers on the Western Waters, Volume II, The

      New River of Virginia in Pioneer Days, 1745-1800, Green Publishers, Orange, Virginia (no date).Includes a chapter on Adolph Flora and his descendants, focusing on their activities in Virginia.

      _____________., Volume III, Parts I and II, Kegley Books, Wytheville, Virginia (no date). Includes relevant tax lists relating to Adolph Flora’s family and includes some information about the Rev. George Flohr.

      Keve, John Fremont, Keve Genealogy, Privately Printed. Early genealogy by John Fremont Keve (born July 25, 1863), who was descended from Johannes Flory (whom he mistakenly calls “George”). Contains several errors. Interesting contemporary account of several early Florys.

      Keiffer, Rev. Henry Martyn Keiffer, DD., Some of the First Settlers of the Forks of the Delaware, Being a Translation from the German of the Record Books of the First Reformed Church of Easton, Pa., Family Line Publications, Westminster, Maryland, 1990 reprint of 1902 edition. Birth, marriage, and death records of one of Easton’s most historic churches. Records of Johannes, Adolph (Adam), along with several unaffiliated Florys.

Kunz, Rudolf and Karl-Ludwig Schmidt, Eiwohnerlisten der Zent Birkenau, 1439-1841, Jugenheim, Seeheim, Germany, 1988. An interesting collection of facts and lists for Birkenau, including census reports and property values. Records the facts for example, that Lorenz Flori was an inhabitant of the town in 1561 and that the worth of Hans Flori’s property in both 1655 and 1664 was 200 guilders.

      Marcinkowski, John P., Flory. Flora, Fleury Family History, 1973 Supplement, Privately Printed, 1978. A supplement to Bunderman’s work that is keyed to the page numbers of the original. One must have Bunderman’s original work in hand to use the supplement. Hardbound copy available for about $10.35 from John P. Marcinkowski, 27 Valley Road, Wyomissing, PA 19610. John, at last writing, only had a few copies left.

Monroe County Historical Society, Monroe County, Indiana Family Heritage 1987, Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas, 1987. Contains accounts of some of the early settlers of Monroe Co., Indiana, including Peter Thrasher, who married Adolph’s grand-daughter, Catherine Flory.

Moser, Linda, Family of Solomon Flora and Hanna Catherine Reist, 2001. Nothing else known.

      Naff, Rev. Isaac N., Autobiography. Unpublished. Written about 1894. A typed copy is in the possession of  Mrs. Edith Naff Montgomery.  Extremely important document for any researcher into the C-Line.  Isaac Naff was the grandson of Jacob Naff and Katherine Flory, who, according to “Naff family tradition,” was born in 1733 to Joseph and Mary Flory aboard “The Hope,” when they were sailing to America.  Naff calls his grandmother Eva, not Katherine, however.  Eva died circa 1820.

      Neff, William,  The Neff-Naef Family, A History Of The Descendants of Henry Neff, Manor Township, Lancaster County,Pennsylvania, Who Immigrated From His Native Switzerland To The Colony of Pennsylvania Settling At Penn’s Conestoga Manor, Chester [Lancaster] County.  Princeton University Press, 1991.  Of especial interest to descendants of Abraham Flury/Forrey/Flora of the B-Line.  Henry Neff’s daughter, Susannah, married Abraham.

      Pennsylvania Births Northampton County, 1733-1800, Gateway Press, Baltimore, Md., 1991. Records births in Northampton County from 12 different sources, including church records. Information primarily about Johannes I and II, but also reference to David Flora, son of Adolph.

      Perrin and Battle, History of Kentucky, 3rd edition, 1886. Contains brief account of Henry Flora, labelling him “Henry Flora, Jr.,” even though he was the son of Adam.

      Pennsylvania Gazette , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Issues for Nov. 14, 21, 28, and December 31, 1754. Contains announcements relating to the ” John and Elizabeth,” the ship that brought the 1754 brothers to America.

      Peterson, John E., “Letter to James R. Wirth,” July 21, 1986. In this letter, Peterson, the curator of the Lutheran Archives Center of Philadelphia, confirms that the parish register page on which Johannes Flory’s marriage to Christina Hahn was probably recorded is now illegible.

      Rupp, I(srael). Daniel, A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names ofGerman, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in PennsylvaniaFrom 1727 to 1776(ReprintOriginally published 1876), Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1985. A classic catalog of ship lists, the first comprehensive study of its kind. Later superseded by Strassburger. Rupp, in transcribing the list of passengers on the John and Elizabeth, mistakenly left out Johannes Flory’s name, setting back investigation somewhat on the origins of the Northampton Flory branch. Keve, in his work, for example, confuses George Flory, who is listed in Rupp, with Johannes, who is not.

      __________. , A History of Northampton, Lehigh, Monroe, Carbon, and Schuylkill Counties (ReprintOriginally published 1844), Arno Press, New York, 1971. An early account of Northampton County with several contemporary lists. Interesting discussion of Redemptioners and English attitudes towards them.

      Salinger, Sharon V., “To Serve Well and Faithfully Labor and Indentured Servants in Pennsylvania, 1682-1800, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1987. An exhaustive study of Indentured Servants and Redemptioners for the period in which the three brothers may have been auctioned off as servants to pay their transportation to America.

      Schopfheim Evangelische Kirchenbuch; Filmed Records of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, 1189748 and 1189749 Parish register of baptisms, marriages, deaths, and indexes for Schopfheim. Includes Fahrnau, Eichen, Wiechs, Langenau, Raitbach, Hofen and Gundenhausen.

       Smith, Margaret and Nedra Patrick, History of Monroe County, Pennsylvania 1725-1976, Pocono Hospital Auxiliary, East Stroudsburg, Pa., 1976. Contains an account of William S. Flory, who raised a company of militia during the Civil War, which was mustered in on July 3, 1863. Monroe County was originally part of Northampton County.

      Stoever, John C., Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern, Pa., Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1988 reprint of 1896 edition. The record of John C. Stoever, one of the first clergymen to serve the Pa. German settlers, 1730-1799. Includes information about Engelhardt Flohry and John George Flohr.

      Strassburger, Ralph Beaver, Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Volumes I and II, Edited by William John Hinke, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1992 reprint of 1934 edition. The current standard source for passenger lists of ships that brought German immigrants to the port of Philadelphia in the eighteenth century. Corrects Rupp’s error in that he lists all three brothers as having been on the John and Elizabeth. Also includes photocopies of many of the original lists.

      1200 Jahre Birkenau. Ein Dorf und seine Zeit, Bitsch, Birkenau, Germany, 1994. A fact and list book put out by the town of Birkenau. Includes references to Flohri family members and their part in the developing history of the town.

1956-1984 Flory, Flora, Florea, Unpublished. First compiled by Charles Ernest Florea and updated to 1984 by Margaret Florea. Two volumes. 1090 pages each. Xerox copy only.

Wagoner, Doris,  Ancestors and Descendants of Amos Flora and Mary E. Zook, 1990. Nothing else known.

      Weinheimer Nachrichten, Number 168, July 25, 1961. A newspaper article dealing with a family re-union of Florigs in Birkenau. The Florigs seem to show no knowledge of the emigration of the brothers in 1754, but they are aware of a later migration in the late 19th century.