Miscellaneous Ephemera


     Over the years, a number of artifacts have appeared with the Flory/Flora/Florea/Florey name attached.  Here are a few examples.  If you have any others that you think people might be interested in, please make an entry via the home page of this site.




 A history of the Church of the Brethren by John S. Flory, who came from a long line of Dunker tradition.    A medicine bottle embossed with “John J. Florey, Ph,G., North Girard, Pa.” on its side.    This children’s book, “The Too Little Fire Engine,” is one of a number written and illustrated by Jane Flory




A nice brochure advertising “The Florey Bros. Small Grand Piano.” The brothers operated out of Belvedere, N.J.    A billhead from the store of Milton Flory of Bangor, Pa.  Flory, an astute businessman, was well known in area. A burlap bag that also came from Milton Flory’s store after he expanded his business to incorporate a feed company.



Newspaper from 1865 picturing on left “Lieu-Col. Flory 46th Indiana Vols.” leaving captivity in Texas with friend. The above picture of Lt. Col. Flory after his escape from CSA Camp Groce, Tx was taken in New Orleans by famous photographer Theodore Lilienthal and provided by Ben Holt. Another photo of Lt. Col. Florey provided by Ben Holt.




A campaign button from Missouri in 1900.  Flory was the Republican Candidate and was from the C-Line   This 1972 Communist Party Leaflet promotes Ishmael Flory for office. Flory is an African-American activist. A labor union button from Toledo, Ohio for an unknown Flory running for union office.




A brochure from the Milton Flory Feed Company of Bangor.  Flory employed a number of relatives in business. Postcard of the French actress Mlle. Regine Flory. Note American spelling of her name rather than “Fleury.” A postcard from Flory’s Pine Lodge Restaurant in Niagara Falls, New York. Probably happy honeymooners inside.

This item and the five that follow are all from the collection of Eric E. Flora of Flora, Indiana. This baseball bat is the Kevin Flora model of the California Angels baseball club. The town of Flora, Indiana was named after John Flora, the great grandson of Joseph Flory. founder of the C-line.


The thermometer was a give-away of the Flora Electric Company of Flora, Indiana. A milk cap from the Flora Dairy.  Another item from the collection of Eric C. Flora. A postcard featuring an early scene of West Columbia Street in Flora, Indiana, founded by John Flora.

Flory ashtray

The above 1930 calendar, contributed by Barry Flory, is from Lancaster County, Pa, right in the heart of Joseph Flory’s homeland.  It features a tintype of Daniel Flory. This ashtray is a souvenir from Flory’s Motor Court and Restaurant along Route 1 in Center Rutland, Vermont. Coffee break, anyone?  I don’t quite understand why this brand was not as popular as Maxwell House or Folgers

The Christmas greeting card above was mailed out in 1911 by the Church of Brethren of Covington, Ohio.  Inside the card are pictured both the Church itself, and its pastor, the Reverend Geo. W. Flory. A postcard issued in 1912 to promote the fourth meeting of the Flory Family Association in Bangor, Pa.

The above two pieces of Fraktur by Joseph Flory, dated 1850, were auctioned off on eBay in May 2003.