The Fluris of Glarus, Switzerland



      While the Canton of Solothurn seems to have been the location of the majority of early Fluri families, there were numerous Fluri or Flori families throughout Switzerland from the 15th century onward to the time of migration.  The largest concentration of those not living in Solothurn was in Glarus, Schwanden. The two main lines derive either from Joss or Paulus Fluri, who were born within 8 years of each other and were probably brothers. Because there is no definite proof of this, I have listed them as “Family One” and “Family Two.”


Descendants of Joss Fluri

Generation No. 1

1. JOSS1 FLURI was born Abt. 1594 in Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland. He married URSULA GLARNER.

Children of JOSS FLURI and URSULA GLARNER are:

i. ELSBETH2 FLURI, b. January 30, 1619/20, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

ii. FRIDLI FLURI, b. August 28, 1621, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

iii. FRANZ FLURI, b. August 22, 1624, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

iv. ELSBETH FLURI, b. February 13, 1626/27, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

v. KATHARINA FLURI, b. December 13, 1629, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

vi. KATHARINA FLURI, b. March 15, 1630/31, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

2. vii. FRIDLI FLURI, b. February 04, 1633/34, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; d. June 05, 1687, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

viii. ELSBETH FLURI, b. March 05, 1635/36, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. FRIDLI SCHMID.


Generation No. 2

2. FRIDLI2 FLURI (JOSS1) was born February 04, 1633/34 in Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland, and died June 05, 1687 in Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland. He married KATHARINA WEISSLING.


3. i. JAKOB3 FLURI, b. April 05, 1655, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; d. March 01, 1717/18, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

ii. JOSS FLURI, b. March 11, 1655/56, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

4. iii. RUDOLF FLURI, b. June 02, 1657, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

iv. FRIDLI FLURI, b. October 11, 1659, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

v. MALE FLURI, b. 1661-1662, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

vi. FEMALE FLURI, b. October 1663, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

vii. 2ND FEMALE FLURI, b. June 30, 1655, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

viii. PAULUS FLURI, b. November 14, 1667, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. ELSBETH SCHOENENBERGER.


Generation No. 3

3. JAKOB3 FLURI (FRIDLI2, JOSS1) was born April 05, 1655 in Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland, and died March 01, 1717/18 in Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland. He married (1) MARIA MEYER August 14, 1677 in Meilen, Canton Zurich, Switzerland, daughter of HEINRICH REBMANN and SUSANNA. He married (2) URSULA ZAY November 1709 in Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland, daughter of JAKOB ZAY and REGULA MILT.

In 1685, Jacob Fluri bought the citizenship of Glarus for himself and his two sons, Fridli and Heinrich. Since he dod not buy the citizenship for son Jacob born 1690, the canton officials presumed that he had died, although death dates are recorded, and there was none in the record.

 URSULA ZAY was the widow of Hans Jacob Spaelti

Children of JAKOB FLURI and MARIA MEYER are:

i. FRIDLI4 FLURI, b. 1677.

ii. SUSANNA FLURI, b. May 28, 1679.

iii. JACOB FLURI, b. June 26, 1680; d. June 27, 1680.

iv. JACOB FLURI, b. May 24, 1681.

JACOB FLURI died young

v. HEINRICH FLURI, b. July 05, 1682.

vi. KATHARINA FLURI, b. February 08, 1683/84.

vii. JACOB FLURI, b. February 13, 1686/87.

JACOB FLURI  died young

viii. MARIA FLURI, b. September 27, 1688.

MARIA FLURI died young

ix. JACOB FLURI, b. March 23, 1689/90.

x. ANNA MARIA FLURI, b. February 14, 1691/92.


xi. MARIA FLURI, b. April 23, 1694.

MARIA FLURI died young

xii. ANNA MARIA FLURI, b. August 1695.

4. RUDOLF3 FLURI (FRIDLI2, JOSS1) was born June 02, 1657 in Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland. He married ELSBETH STAEGER.


i. FRIDLI4 FLURI, b. November 06, 1677, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

5. ii. KATHARINA FLURI, b. December 18, 1679, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

iii. DOROTHEA FLURI, b. December 13, 1681, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

iv. ANNA FLURI, b. August 15, 1683, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. ? BURKHARD.

v. PAULUS FLURI, b. December 18, 1685, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. ANNA MARIA BLUMER.

vi. BARBARA FLURI, b. March 18, 1687/88, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

vii. JOSS FLURI, b. September 07, 1690, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. REGULA BLESI.

viii. JAKOB FLURI, b. October 04, 1692, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. BARBARA TSCHUDI.

ix. HANS ULRICH FLURI, b. September 15, 1695, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

x. ELISABETH FLURI, b. March 27, 1698, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. JOHANNES BOLLETER.

Generation No. 4

5. KATHARINA4 FLURI (RUDOLF3, FRIDLI2, JOSS1) was born December 18, 1679 in Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland. She married DAVID WICHSER.


i. SALOME5 WICHSER, b. August 25, 1706, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. NICLAUS TSCHUDI.

ii. RUDOLF WICHSER, b. 1707-1708, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

iii. ELSBETH WICHSER, b. October 14, 1713; m. ? HEFTI.



Descendants of Paulus Fluri

Generation No. 1

1. PAULUS1 FLURI was born Abt. 1603 in Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland, and died May 20, 1668 in Werdenberg, St. Gallen, Switzerland. He married KATHARINA ZOPFI September 28, 1628 in Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.


i. JAKOB2 FLURI, b. August 21, 1629, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

ii. JAKOB FLURI, b. June 05, 1631, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

iii. ELSBETH FLURI, b. February 10, 1632/33, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. HANS ZOPFI, April 03, 1663.

iv. SAMUEL FLURI, b. November 26, 1635, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; d. September 1679.

v. EZECHIAS FLURI, b. May 21, 1637, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. RACHEL STUESSI, 1661.

vi. PAULUS FLURI, b. July 08, 1638, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; d. February 02, 1693/94.

vii. JOHANNES FLURI, b. March 13, 1639/40, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; d. November 13, 1674, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. KATHARINA STREBI, October 28, 1663.

viii. RUDOLF FLURI, b. October 14, 1641, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; d. February 25, 1704/05, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. SALOME STREBI, 1666.

ix. BARBARA FLURI, b. June 22, 1643, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; d. March 19, 1714/15.

x. HANS HEINRICH FLURI, b. February 11, 1644/45, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; d. July 27, 1677, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland.

xi. FRIDLI FLURI, b. September 15, 1646, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; d. November 12, 1678, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. URSULA AGASCHOENNER or MASCHUNNER, May 03, 1668.

xii. HANS PETER FLURI, b. April 11, 1648, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. MAGDELENA STUESSI, October 05, 1670.

xiii. HANS PETER FLURI, b. June 09, 1650, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; d. June 03, 1726, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. BARBARA ZELLER, August 20, 1678.

xiv. KATHARINA FLURI, b. November 30, 1651, Glarus, Schwanden, Switzerland; m. HILARIUS ZOPFI, March 12, 1677/78.