Graveyards in the United States


     When this site was first set up, Ken Florey received several requests for a list of important Flory/Flora/Florey graveyards.  Because he knew of only the ones connected to his own ancestors in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, he delayed dealing with the request.  Donna O’Malley, however, came across the link below to a Florey graveyard in Macon, County, Illinois.  Buried here are some of the descendants of Adolph Flohri of the E-line, one of the three brothers who immigrated here in 1754. Included in the site is a picture of John Flora’s grave. John was a son of Adolph, born in 1760 in Pennsylvania. If any of you have research that you would like put up on the site, please make an entry on the Home page.     What follows beneath that is a record of Flory gravestones in various cemeteries throughout all of Northampton County. The Florys buried here are descendants of John II, son of the immigrant, Johannes Flohri, also of the E-line, who came here in 1754 with his half brother, Adolph. In general,  everyone is listed in alphabetical order. In the case where a child dies in infancy, he or she is generally listed with the parent. Significant Florys may be singled out and placed at or near the top of the listing.When more listings come in, this page could be divided this into several pages for the different lines.


Adolph Flohri Related Cemeteries

(1) Flory Cemetery (Macon County)

(1)  The Florey Cemetery

Macon County Illinois–Buried here are descendants of John Flory, son of the immigrant Adolph Flohri. John moved to the Macon County area from Virginia with his second wife, Mary Ott, around 1825. Please click on the above link to find a listing of Florys buried there.


Johannes Flohri Related Cemeteries

(1) Stone Church; (2) St. John’s; (3) St. Peter’s; (4) Salem Methodist (Bangor); (5) United Church of Christ, Flicksville, Pa (near Bangor); (6) Bender’s Church, Plainfield Township (near Wind Gap); (7) St. Peter’s Church (Seemsville, Pa.); (8) Bath Cemetery (Bath, Pa.), (9) Lower Nazareth Cemetery, (Nazareth, Pa.); (10) Easton Heights Cemetery (Easton, Pa.).

Johannes Flohri, one of the three brothers who emigrated here in 1754, eventually settled in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, where many of his early descendants are buried in various cemeteries throughout the area. According to Walter Bunderman, Johannes himself is buried at the Old Lutheran and Reformed Cemetery in Easton, Pennsylvania, but there is no marker to his grave.

Of Johannes’ three sons, only one, John II, stayed in Northampton County, moving to the north of that area near what is now Route 611. All of the Northampton County Flory’s are his descendants.

(1) Stone Church Cemetery

John II is buried at the Stone Church Cemetery, along with his wife, Elizabeth Illick (Illig). The stones are still standing. The graveyard, located alongside of Route 611 in an area that is variously called Centerville, Upper Mount Bethel, or Stone Church, not far from the Delaware River, is now in good repair, although at the beginning of the 20th century is was not, and John’s gravestone was difficult to locate.

Buried There

John Flory II (Johannes II) –Father of Northampton County Florys-Revolutionary War Veteran

Elizabeth Illig Florey –John (Johannes’) Wife

John Flory  Born October 10, 1761–Died March 19, 1827 in Upper Mount Bethel.

Elizabeth Illick Wife of above.

Abraham Flory  Born June 11, 1851–Died February 14, 1852. Son of Jacob and Margaret Flory and grandson of Peter Flory (son of John II).

(2) St. John’s Church Cemetery

Close to St. John’s Lutheran Church in Bangor, Pennsylvania is St. John’s Cemetery, which, along with St. Peter’s Cemetery in Plainfield Township near Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, is one of the two largest of the Flory graveyards in Northampton, County.

Buried There

Solomon Flory

Milton Flory

F(reeman) Frank Florey & Isabella Deats Florey

Absolom Flora  1823-1871; Son of Peter Flory
     Lucy Flora  1832-1914;  Wife to Absolom Flora; shares tombstone
     M. Alice Flora Camden 1853-1930; Daughter of Absolom Flora; shares tombstone
     Laura Flora Piez  1868-1954; Daughter of Absolom Flora; shares tombstone
     Elizabeth Flora;  1864-1945;  Daughter of Absolom Flora; shares tombstone
     George E. Flora; 1872-1939;  Son of Absolom Flora; shares tombstone
Allen P. Florey   1866-1946; Son of Samuel S. Flory and brother to Edwin Flory
     Amanda Flory  1871-1943;  Wife to Allen P. Florey
Arlington Flory   1874-1918;  Son of Franklin Florey
     Rosie A. Florey Ellenberger  1873-1953  Wife of Arlington. Later remarried.
     Leota A. Florey Werner  1900-1905  Daughter of Arlington
Mary (Polly) Flory Bowers  1829-1912; Cousin to Franklin Florey
Christian Flory  1850-1902; Son of Solomon Flory and brother to Milton Flory
     Martha Flory Metzgar  1856-1927;  Wife to Christian
     Hattie E. Flory  1881-1895; daughter of Christian
Clinton E. Flory  1873-1948;  Son of Christian Flory; grandson of Solomon
     Ella M. Flory  1872-1956;  Wife to Clinton
Daniel Jacob Flory  1851-1920  Son of Daniel Flory
     Ellen M. Flory   1857-1930  Wife of Daniel; shares tombstone
Earl M. Flory  1895-1957 Son of Irvin and grandson of Jessie Flory. WWI veteran.
     Laura Walter Flory  1898-1921 First wife of Earl M. Flory
     Minnie Flory  1896-1973  Second wife of Earl M. Flory
Edwin F. Flory  1873-1964  son of Samuel S. Flory
    Flora A. Flory  1870-1934  wife of Edwin;  shares Tombstone
    Alta P. Flory  1895-1961; daughter of Edwin; shares tombstone.
Emanuel Flory  Born Sept. 9, 1870–Died July 19, 1938. Son of William and Catherine Flory and grandson of John III.
     Mary E. Flory  Born Dec. 30, 1881–Died Feb. 25, 1960. Wife to Emanuel     
Florence Gertrude Florey Worthington 1881-1955; daughter of Franklin Florey
    William E. Worthington 1876-1967; husband of Gertrude; shares tombstone
F(reeman) Frank Florey  1853-1930  Ancestors buried at St. Peter’s in Wind Gap
    Isabel Deats Florey  1854-1943  Wife to Frank Flory; shares tombstone with husband
    Herbert Joseph Florey 1890-1954 Son of Frank; shares tombstone with father and mother.
Ida Flory Markley  1879-1936  Daughter of Samuel Flory and Sister to Willis. Next to her tombstone is that of Elmer C. Markley (1882-1950), who was her second husband.
Milton Flory  1859-1945; Son of Solomon; Probably most notable Flory of Bangor
    Martha A. Flory 1860-1928; Wife to Milton
    Walter S. Flory  1881-1883;  Son of Milton
     Katie J. Flory  1882-1890;  Daughter to Milton
     Frederick A. Flory  1886-1892;  Son to Milton
     Eva S. Flory  1894-1896; Daughter to Milton
     Leila A. Flory  1897-1988;  Daughter to Milton
     Harry E. Flory  1879-1965;  Son to Milton
     Lillian May Flory  1882-1924;  First wife of Harry E. Flory
     Harry E. Flory, Junior;  1934; Son to Harry
     Dorothy C. Flory  1894-1974;  Second Wife to Harry
     Helen M. Godshalk  July 21 1890-Dec. 16, 1984
Norman N. Flory  1883-1930;  Son of Daniel Jacob Flory
     Florence F. Flory  1887-1932;  Wife to Norman N. Flory;  shares tombstone
     Velma M. Flory Beck  1904-1983; Daughter to Norman N. Flory; shares tombstone
Oscar W. Flory  1870-1955; Son of Samuel S. Flory–Buried with Hoffman family
    Elizabeth M. Hoffman Flory 1875-1941; shares tombstone with husband
    Etta M.  Flory  1903–Daughter of Qscar Flory; shares tombstone with father and mother
Raymond Flory  1891-1965;  Son of Daniel Jacob Flory
     Florence A. Flory  1891-1953; Wife to Raymond Flory; shares tombstone
Samuel Flory  1854-1920;  Son of Solomon Flory
     Isabelle Fellenzer Flory  1852-1922; Wife of Samuel
     John F. Flory  1882-1883;  Infant son of Samuel and Isabelle Flory
     Isabelle Florey  1877;  Infant daughter of Samuel and Isabelle Flory
Samuel S. Flory  1842-1909;  Son of Daniel Flory
    Esther B. Flory  1845-1920;  Wife of Samuel S. Flory
Sarah Flory Speer  1879-1918;  Daughter of Benjamin Flory (Milton’s brother)
Solomon Flory  1828-1914; Son of Peter Flory
    Susan Flory  1834-1917; First Wife to Solomon.
Susanna Flory Mann  1852-1939 Daughter of Solomon Flory and sister to Milton
Willis A. Flory  1893-1953  Son of Samuel Flory
    Alberta C. Flory  1893-1983;  Wife to Willis

(3) St. Peter’s Church Cemetery

St. Peter’s Cemetery is located at St. Peter’s Church in Plainfield Township, near Wind Gap. Those buried there are all descended from John Florey III.

Buried There

John Florey III

Elizabeth Reiser–His Wife

Jacob Florey–Son of John Flory III

Caroline Felker–Wife of Jacob Florey

Leeth and Wilhelmina Florey

John Flory  October 19, 1792-January 28, 1861; Son of John Flory II
     Elizabeth Reiser  1795-1860; Wife of John Flory II
Amandus Florey  January 31, 1857-May 12, 1956; Son of Reuben Florey
     Sarah J. Florey  March 14, 1859-March 19, 1919; 4th wife of Amandus; Shares tombstone
     Adella Snyder Florey  Jan. 2, 1873-Jan. 18, 1898; Second wife to Amandus
     Rachel Snyder Florey  1878-1908; Third wife to Amandus
Carrie M. Florey Houck  April 1, 1890-May 6, 1962; Daughter of Theodore Oliver Florey
Clifford A. Florey  1894-1980; Son of Theodore Oliver Florey; Shares tombstone with wife
EbbyAnn Florey Ackerman  1865-1914; Daughter of Jacob Florey and Anna Myers
Edna Florey Ackerman  1887-1956; Daughter of Theodore Oliver Florey
Edwin J. Florey  July 7, 1881-July 4, 1956; Son of Daniel J. Florey; shares tombstone with wife, Mary
Elizabeth Florey Hopple  July 27, 1856-Feb. 13, 1930; Daughter of Reuben Florey and sister to Mary J. Florey. Also wife to Ephraim Hopple.
Emma Florey Myers  March 4, 1861-Oct. 7, 1936; Daughter of Reuben; shares tombstone with husband, Robert A. Myers.
Ezra J. Florey  Feb. 3, 1883-March 9, 1975; Son of Amandus Florey; Buried with wife, Emma J. Florey.
Fay Anna Florey  1928-1928;  Daughter of Clifford A. Florey
George Peter Florey 1861-1883 Son of Jacob Florey and Anna Myers. Tombstone set in ground and contains only the initials G.P.F.
Hiram Amze Florey 1866-1954; Son of Jacob Florey and Anna Myers; Shares tombstone with wife, Mary.
Jacob Florey  Sept. 17, 1817-April 6, 1893; Son of John III
     Caroline Felker    1827-1857;  First wife to Jacob Flory
   Anna Myers    1824-1873;  Second Wife to Jacob Florey
James T. Florey  1856-1927; Son of Jesse
Jennie M. Florey Connors  1880-1969; Daughter of James Florey; Shares tombstone with husband
Jeremiah Florey May 19, 1864-Sept. 23, 1905; Son of Reuben Florey, brother of John H.
Jesse Flory Jan. 14, 1825-Feb. 7, 1913; Son of John III; Shares tombstone with wife Susanna
John H. Florey  January 4, 1856-April 3, 1934; Son of Reuben Florey
     Eliza Florinda Seiple Florey  Dec. 27, 1861-April 10, 1923; Wife of John H. Florey
     Ruth A. Florey 1901-1901; Daughter of John H. Florey
     Floyd Cornelius Florey  Oct. 22, 1882-Nov. 23, 1975; Son of John H. Florey
     George C. Florey  July 25, 1884-Jan. 22, 1974;  Son of John H. Florey
John T. Florey 1855-1856; Infant son of Jacob Florey and Caroline Felker
Leeth Ivan Florey 1894-1963; Son of Freeman Frank Florey, who is buried at St. John’s
     Wilhelmina Siegert Florey  1915-1994; Wife to Leeth Florey
Mary J. Florey Hopple March 25, 1859-June 22, 1942; Daughter of Reuben Florey; Shares tombstone with husband, Aaron HoppleMaria Anna Florey  1839-1848 Daughter of Daniel Florey

Nellie B. Florey Dreisbach  1878-1945; Daughter of Freeman Frank Florey; Shares tomb with husband and other Dreisbachs, including her son, Raymond.Paul S. Flory  January 11, 1915-June 12, 1989; Son of Edwin J. Flory. Shares tombstone with wife, Miriam Jones.

Preston E. Florey Feb. 6, 1894-April 26, 1972; Son of John H. Florey; Shares tombstone with wife, Ida M. Florey Reuben Florey  1822-1898; Son of John III     Hannah W. Florey July 6, 1824-Oct. 20, 1903; Wife to Reuben FloreySarah Flory Repsher  March 1, 1852-January 26, 1873; Daughter of Joseph Flory and granddaughter of Peter Flory.

Theodore Oliver Florey  March 15, 1863-Dec. 22, 1941; Son of Jacob Florey     Katie R.  Florey  1868- 1948; Wife to Theodore Florey; Shares tombstone

(4) Salem Methodist (Bangor)

Salem Methodist Cemetery is a very small cemetery located on the side of a hill in Bangor, Pennsylvania. Many of the gravestones are missing, and it is probable that several Florys are buried there.

Buried There

Mary Flory  1797-1874; Wife of Peter Flory, son of John II

(5) United Church of Christ, Flicksville, PA

The cemetery of the United Church of Christ is a small cemetery that is located right outside of Bangor, Pennsylvania. Most Northampton County Florys were German Lutheran, which also accounts for the lack of Flory graves at this site.

Buried There

Amanda Agnes Florey 1869-1869; Daughter of William and Catherine Florey

(6) Bender’s Church (Plainfield Township)

Bender’s Church is no longer a Lutheran Church, but the present denomination has kept up the graveyard nearby. Plainfield Township is close to Wind Gap, Pennsylvania. Adele Hartman compiled a list of those who are buried here, but several Florys appear to no longer have gravestones. The following list is only of those who do.

Buried There

Anna Rose Flory 1884-1885; Daughter of Samuel S. Flory
Mary M. Flory  January 14, 1845-January 26, 1879; Wife to Samuel Flory
Sally A. Flory  1828-1889; Unknown; perhaps a wife to a Flory

(7)  St. Peter’s Church (Seemsville, Pa)

The church in Seemsville, which is located a bit of a distance from Bangor and Wind Gap, is not to be confused with the St. Peter’s Church of Plainfield Township.

Buried There

Raymond A. Flory  March 6, 1901-August 21, 1994;  Son of Amos Elma Flory
     Stella M. Flory  Sept. 13, 1902-Sept. 5, 1994; Shares tombstone with husband, Raymond.
Warren A. Flory  November 9, 1899-Oct. 31, 1984; Son of Amos Flory
    Miriam E. Flory  August 22, 1903-Jan 31, 1973; Wife of Warren Flory

(8)  Bath Cemetery (Bath, Pa.)

Located in Bath, Pennsylvania, Bath Cemetery is a relatively large burial ground, part of which is set against the side of a hill..

Buried There

Alvin Florey  Nov. 9, 1876-March 16, 1973; Son of William and Catherine Florey
     Ida M. Florey  Feb. 1, 1884-May 13, 1946
George Esben Florey  August 14, 1878-July 15, 1952 Son of William and Catherine Florey
     Stella May Florey  Feb. 12, 1885-Sept. 5, 1930; Wife of George Esben Florey
     Russell W. Florey  Jan. 18, 1905-May 26, 1958; Son of George Esben Florey
Luther C. Florey  April 21, 1906-Oct. 19, 1982; Son of Alvin Florey, grandson of William
     Miriam C. Florey  June 9, 1903-Feb. 5, 1975;  Wife of Luther; shares tombstone
Mark C. Florey  June 19, 1901-Jan 19, 1979; Son of Alvin Florey, grandson of William
     Eva S. Florey Oct. 12, 1901-Nov. 21, 1974; Wife of Mark; shares tombstone.

(9)  Lower Nazareth Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the city of Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Buried There

John Flory  1876-1960; Son of William Florey, grandson of Reuben
     Lizzie Flory  1891–1943; Wife of John; shares tombstone.
Robert Florey  1893-1969; Son of William Florey
     Lawrence Florey 1891-1965; Son of William Florey; shares tombstone with brother.
Stewart Florey  1883-1963; Son of William Florey
     Carrie Florey  1888-1942;  Wife of Stewart Florey; shares tombstone
William R. Florey  1854-1931; Son of Reuben Florey
     Ellen S. Florey 1852-1933;  Wife of William R. Florey; shares tombstone

(10)  Easton Heights Cemetery (Easton, Pa.)

Although the immigrant father of this portion of the E-Line, Johannes Flory, was buried in Easton, the whereabouts of his grave are unknown. The only other Florys buried in Easton are from several generations later.

Buried There

Harvey J. Florey  1876-1932;  Son of Lewis Florey
     Lewlou B. Florey 1878-1944;  Wife of Harvey Florey; shares tombstone
Lewis Florey  1849-1921; Son of Jesse Florey
     Joanna Mack Florey  1851-1926;  Wife of Lewis Florey; shares tombstone   
     Arthur Florey  1872-1938;  Son of Lewis Florey;  shares tombstone
     Carrie B. Florey Godschalk  1883-1931;  Daughter of Lewis; shares tombstone.
Mackey Florey  1877-1933;  Son of Lewis Florey
     Sadie Ayres Florey  1878-1944; Wife of Mackey; shares tombstone
Walter Lewis Florey  1917-1918; Son of Mackey Florey