Lines: America


The A-Line goes back to an English indentured servant, Thomas Flora, who was transported to North America on the ship Gilbert in October, 1720.  His immediate descendants lived in Maryland and Virginia.  Because not much was known about this line until recently, it is often confused with that of the C-Line. The Introduction is by Gladys Donson.  Access both the Introduction and the A-Line details from the drop-down menu box for this section (above) or from the link to the left.
B-Line  The descendants of Abraham Flury, Ur-Father of the B-Line, are well documented. What is unknown is the name of the ship on which Abraham was transported and its arrival date.  Recently, Shirley Gamble has theorized that this family originates from Haegendorf in Switzerland, and her arguments are presented here for the first time.  Access both the Introduction and the B-Line details from the drop-down menu box for this section (above) or from the link to the left.
C Line  Joseph Flory, who arrived in America on the Hope in 1733, is the founder of the largest line of Florys in North America. According to ship records, he was 51 at the time.  The ages of other family members in 1733 were Anna Maria Bugh (Joseph’s Wife) 40, and children Mary, 21, Joseph, 19, Hanliey (Anneli), 17, and John, 15.  Access both the Introduction and the C-Line details from the drop-down menu box for this section (above) or from the link to the left.
D Line  Englehardt Flori‘s date of arrival in America is unknown, but his city of origin, Wiesloch, is not.  Little is known about this line beyond his first two generations.  Access via either the drop-down menu box (above) or the link to the left.
E Line   In 1754, three German brothers, Johannes, George, and Adolph Flohri, arrived at the port of Philadelphia.   Johannes, immigrant father of the E-1 line, settled in  Pennsylvania.  Adolph, immigrant father of the E-2 Line,  moved  from Pennsylvania to Virginia. For a GEDCOM file on both lines, see the page The Descendants of the 1754 Birkenau Brothers.  For a page on their Birkenau ancestors please see the page  E-Line:  The Flori, Flory, Florig, Flohri Familes of Birkenau.
F-1 Line   There are several early Flory/Flora lines in the South that are unconnected to any other known Flory lines.  Donna O’Malley’s genealogy of the Lazarus or F-1 line is the most fully documented of those lines.  Brian Flora’s introductory essay organizes possible scattered references to other Southern lines (collectively known as the G lines).  Access via the drop-down box above, or the via the links to the left.

H-Line    Pierre Fleury, who arrived at the port of Philadelphia on Sept. 26, 1732, has always been an enigma. What was a man with so obvious a French name doing on a ship with Palatine immigrants? What happened to him after his arrival? This page is an attempt to flush out some answers.

I-Line    We do know that Edward Flurry was an indentured servant who was sentenced to transportation to North America in 1738. What is uncertain is what happened to him after he arrived. There are several unlinked Flurry families throughout the South who may be his descendants, and some possibilities are listed here. This page is an attempt to flush out answers.
OTHERS   This page is a listing of other Flory names which appear on immigration lists prior to 1755 that appear to be unrelated to any of the lines listed above.



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