The Floris of Rimhorn


      Rimhorn, while not in the corridor of Germany that extends along what is now Route A5 from Ellmendingen in the South to Birkeanu to the North, is still in the state of Darmstadt-Hesse and does contain examples of Florie families.  Whether or not these Flories are related to the Flori families of the area is not known.  The genealogy is somewhat limited, and it is not known whether the family died out or migrated.

Descendants of Caspar Florie of Rimhorn

Generation No. 1

1. CASPAR FLORIE (?1) died Bef. July 29, 1743. He married MARIA MARGARETHA KARG.  

   The record in the local Kirchenbuch on his wife’s death calls him “gemeinsmann” or member of the community.  His wife died of consumption.

Children of CASPAR FLORIE and MARIA KARG are:

1.1. HIERONYMOUS FLORIE, b. 1712; d. February 26, 1782, Rimhorn, Germany.

1.2. JOHANN PHILIPP FLORIE, b. June 18, 1715, Rimhorn, Germany.

1.3.  JOHANN ADAM FLORIE, b. February 28, 1722/23, Rimhorn, Germany.

1.4. ANNA MARIA FLORIE, b. Rimhorn, Germany; m. JOHANNES ?, June 29, 1743, Rimhorn, Germany.

Generation No. 2

1.1. HIERONYMOUS FLORIE (CASPAR2, ?1) was born 1712, and died February 26, 1782 in Rimhorn, Germany. He married ANNA MARIA ? June 11, 1748 in Rimhorn, Germany.

Hieronymous was of a class of Germans called the “Beisasse,” a group of laborers who were either too poor to afford to buy citizenship rights or who were illegitimate and thus not qualified to even apply. The Beisasse had no claim to the land and weren’t allowed to chop trees for firewood, and instead had to fetch fallen wood in the forests while tending their foraging animals, since they also were denied use of pasturing land (“the Commons”) for grazing. They held only tentative leases on their residences, and these had to be renewed annually at the discretion of the townspeople. Obviously, this group had to keep out of trouble or they were out of their houses.  Hieronymous was blind the last five years of his life.

Children of HIERONYMOUS FLORIE and ANNA ? are:

1.1.1. ELIZABETH FLORIE, b. April 13, 1750, Rimhorn, Germany; d. Rimhorn, Germany.

1.1.2. ANNA ELIZABETH FLORIE, b. August 25, 1752, Rimhorn, Germany.


Generation No. 3

1.1.2.  ANNA ELIZABETH FLORIE (HIERONYMOUS3, CASPAR2, ?1) was born August 25, 1752 in Rimhorn, Germany. She married JOHANNES HERZOG December 03, 1778 in Rimhorn, Germany.