Bunderman’s Family History, 1973 Supplement

Walter Q. Bunderman’s FLORY FLORA FLEURY Family History – 1948 Supplement by John P. Marcinkowski (1973) and 1951 Supplement by J.C. Flora (Excerpts)

The below link leads to a full PDF copy of the FLORY FLORA FLEURY Family History – (1948) Supplement by John P. Marcinkowski which was published in 1973.  This is a direct scanning of the 1973 update by Marcinkowski which also, on pages 147 through 156, contains the “Supplement To The Jacob Flora, SR. Family of Franklin County, VA.” which is dated 1951 by J. Cephas Flora, the latter, however, appears to be only excerpts.  Since it is a direct scanning, the quality of the graphics reproduces very well as compared to that of the graphics reproduced in the current copy of Bunderman’s research on this site.

Marcinkowski gives appreciation to Bunderman for compiling the original work in 1948 which his purpose (though unstated) appears to be to update.  I do not know of the history of the J. Cephas Flora section, though I am supposing that it was created in order to fill in a gap in the original.  There would seem to be a more complete version of Flora’s work, somewhere, since Marcinkowski notes pages which are not included in that which he reproduces.  (If anyone has a full copy of J.C. Flora’s Supplement, I would be happy  to post it on this site.)

Again, you will at least need a PDF viewer installed on your device to view this file.

Bunderman’s FLORY, FLORA, FLEURY Family History – 1948 1973 Supplement PLUS the 1951 J. Cephas Flora Supplement

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