Mystery Photographs

Photographs … with people in them whom we can’t identify … or with people being their subjects but taken we know not where.  We all have such photos in our collections, they look too interesting to even think of discarding (most particularly so when we know they are of people related to us) … but they are the cause of so much frustration because the complete details are missing as to who exactly they show, the location or perhaps even at times the activity involved in. 

So, the idea behind this page is to post photographs and at least give the chance to someone to identify more about them.  At the least we should come up with some interesting old photos to look at.  I will post some I have … with as much details about them as I have as well … please feel free to send me any similar ones that you are puzzled about. 

Current State pages for mystery photographs (click on link):

Kentucky / Tennessee   (Southwestern Kentucky / Northwestern Tennessee)


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