Tennessee Floras

A Page Focusing on F/F/F Lines and Links in the State of Tennessee

Jacob Flora, Sr.

The following relates to the family lines being researched by Barbara Dooley who is focused on a Flora line one member of whom moved to Tennessee and was originally in Hawkins County, but who subsequently moved to Hamilton County.  What caused this move?  She shares some interesting court documents which seems to indicate why.  Barbara adds:  “Jacob had a tippler’s license, but he was not supposed to sell small amounts to be consumed on the premises–which is what the indictment says he did …. So they couldn’t locate Jacob, and the next we know, he appears in Hamilton Co.  We joke about it and say he left the county in a hurry, but we don’t really KNOW that was his reason for leaving.”

Jacob Flora Indictment P  1

Jacob Flora Tippler p. 2


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