The following link is to a complete PDF file copy of Walter Q. Bunderman’s 1948 FLORY FLORA FLEURY FAMILY HISTORY work that collated what was known of the F/F/F “world” as of that time.  It is from a copy of the second printing of December 1971 published by the Reading Eagle Press of Reading, Pennsylvania.

I hope that this can fill in the gap in online knowledge of some of the researchers into the various family lines.  Unfortunately, the graphics are not very good, though the text is complete.

This version put online 8 April 2018.  The file is rather large and so can take several minutes to download depending upon your particular ISP connection download speed.

EDIT Flory Flora Fleury Family History 1948 by W.Q. Bunderman

I have been informed that there is another copy of this work online, put up by the University of Wisconsin.  Good, as that will give another link for people to try IF the above gives any problems.  For initial perusal, it looks like it is better for graphics reproduction and is more readily searchable.  The link is as follows:





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