Prominent F/F/Fs

The purpose of this page is to provide reference material and web links to those Florys who have achieved considerable fame in various fields of endeavour.  Hats off to them.


      Listed below are links to several web sites that give information about famous Florys with scientific inclinations.

(1) Flory, Paul, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 1974–

(2) Flory, Sir Howard, Winner of the Nobel Prize in 1945 for his work on penicillin,

(3) Florey, Klaus, Noted Drug Researcher.  There is no site on the web devoted exclusively to Klaus Florey.  If you wish to find something out about him, you can look at the description of his book titles on or click on

(4) Flory. David (1820-1910) of Cass Co., IN and his son, Aaron Edwin Flory, both amateur horticulturists, produced the first Winter-Banana apple (the predecessor to the Golden Delicious apple). Unfortunately, no web site yet.  (This information supplied by Ben Holt.)

Public Figures

      The following list is that of people involved in politics who have a variation of the Flory name.  If you have any additional names to include or have more information about anyone on the list below, please get in touch.

(1)  Floore, Sterling Hosea served as Circuit Clerk, 8 years, Sheriff, 4 years, and Chancery Clerk 8 years of Noxubee County, Ms. His daughter, Janelle Floore Craig also served 16 years as Chancery Clerk of  Noxubee County, Ms. Chancery Clerk is the same as Probate Judge in some other states. William Hosea, Janelle’s great-grandfather, along with several of his brothers, changed the original spelling of the name  from Flora to Floore for unknown reasons.

(2) (Flora) O’Malley, Donna  Donna ran for District 3 Commissioner (non-partisan) for the Town of Benson, NC in 1999 and was on Benson’s Planning Board.  In the present (2013) Donna advises that   “We now live in Florida and have 6 kids (3 bio and 3 adopted from China) that keep us hopping.  As a result, I haven’t had much time in the last few years to do much genealogy research.  I work for General Electric as a Systems Engineer on Train Dispatch Systems.  We also homeschool our 6 kids (my husband is a stay-at-home dad).  When I have time, I update our blog (at) that chronicles our family life.”  [So I (for one) say it is no wonder she has little time for family research at the moment!]

 (3) Flora, John C. Socialist. He was a candidate for U.S. Representative at-Large from Illinois  1924. 

(4) Flora, ReBecca Jo of Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan was a Workers World candidate for Michigan state board of education, 1994.

(5) Florea, Jacob of New York, New York County, N.Y. Democrat was an alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from New York, 1940, 1944.

(6) Florey, Kenneth A. of Northampton, Co. Pennsylvania was the Democratic Candidate for Controller of that County in 1975. (Please note–This is not the same much more prominent Kenneth Florey who was the original administrator of the Rootsweb site).

(7) Flory, Betsy J. of Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Michigan, 1980, 2000 (alternate) and a candidate for U.S. Representative from Michigan 3rd District, 1994, 1996. 

(8) Flory, Ishmael. He was a Communist candidate for U.S. Senator from Illinois, 1974. A campaign sticker for him is included in the ephemera section of this website.  Flory is a black activist whose articles have appeared in several left-wing publications.

(9) Flory, Joseph.  He was the unsuccessful Republican candidate for Governor from the State of Missouri in 1900.  He apparently campaigned by riding on a bicycle.  One of his campaign buttons is pictured in the ephemera section of this web site. 

F/F/F Involvement in the Arts

Flohri, Emil   Artist, Cartoonist, Disney Animator

Emil Flohri was new to me until very recently.  He was born in Roanoke, Virginia on 27 October 1869 and died in Los Angeles on 24 December 1938.  He is very well known in the classic animation film world and worked for Walt Disney from the late 1920s into the 1930s.  However it seems that even long before that he was a prominent illustrator and political cartoonist (especially around the turn of the 19th century).  And went on to make a lot of portraits of silent film stars in the 1920s.  Examples of his work and information on his life can be found on the following pages:        And a Google search for “Portraits by Emil Flohri” brings up many an example of his art.

Flohri and Manriquez

(Emil Flohri is the one with the flat cap on in this photo … with his assistant Carlos Manrequiz)
 It seems from census records that his wife was Carol Schlich Flohri who lived from 27 July 1874 to 21 December 1952 and is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, but I have no information at this time on Emil’s grave which I would imagine is in the same cemetery.

Flora, James (Jim)   Artist and Illustrator

(1914 Bellafontaine, Ohio  – 1998 Rowayton, Connecticut)

Jim Flora

Jim Flora was well known in the 1940s and 1950s for his very original LP Album covers often for Jazz musicians in the the United States.  He also did many illustrations for magazines as well as children’s books.  Many of his art works and a biography of him are to be found at the following site:

In addition, there is an interview with him from 1990 at this link:

(Photo courtesy of

Florea, John   Photographer, Television Director

(Born 28 May 1916 in Alliance, Ohio – Died 25 August 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada)

     Elton Thompson reported in an issue of the Flory/Flora/Fleury Newsletter of 2000 of the death of John Florea at the age of 84.  Florea was a famous photographer for Life Magazine, who chronicled the greatest battles of WWII [“The only photographer present at both the VE and VJ WWII treaty signings.”] and then went on to photograph the greatest stars of Hollywood.  He next turned to television, and he directed such hit shows as Daniel Boone, Mission Impossible, Gentle Ben, The Runaways, Chips, the Dukes of Hazard, Walking Tall, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. A link for him can be found at,+John

(Note:  There is an interesting online article about John Floria and his photographs of Marilyn Monroe at this page:

(AND a very interesting filmed interview with him here:  seems he had quite a bit to do with helping MM get her start).

 Florey, Robert   Movie Director

The Internet Movie website has an interesting page on the career of Robert Florey, who directed a number of movies and worked with Alfred Hitchcock to be found at,+Robert

Flory, Med.   Jazz Musician  

      A recent (2013) article brought to our attention by Eric Flora gives updated information on a man who has an annual music festival named in his honour.

NWS-PT040713 Med Flory1.jpgMed Flory

25/Catching-up-with-Med-Flory.  And for a more complete overview of his musical career:  Also, with more notes of his acting work the following: