Welcome to the Flory/Flora/Florey/Florea/Flori etc. genealogy site.  The original purpose (when a F/F/F site was first created by Ken Florey on  June 15, 2001 (using files he had “prepared earlier”)) was to promote more general awareness  of the history of the Flory family in America, focusing particularly on those lines that arrived in North America prior to 1755.  Over time information regarding post-1755 lines as well as lines originating from and settling outside of North America came to be included.  It was also a tool (like the Printed Newsletter) that encouraged and nurtured projects that led to the discovering of more information on the Lines than probably any of us originally knew existed. 

To help in carrying on the original site’s purpose, if anyone has further information on any one of the lines (or even on new lines), its sharing would be most appreciated. Please take some time to browse the features of the page and to look at the family lines shown both under “Lines:  North America” and “Lines: Australian, English, French, German, Swiss“.  The early North American Flory lines are divided into nine main branches (A-I), and a page is devoted  to each.  You can access the various pages either by using the drop-down menu boxes at the top of each page or by using the “Search” function on this Home Page.

Any suggested additions, corrections, updates are most welcome.  And please offer contributions to add to the data, writings and other miscellaneous items related to F/F/F on this site.  It is only through sharing that we can hope to fill in some of the gaps that we all have in our knowledge and understanding of history.

Comments can be left at the bottom of this Home page.

This Site was relaunched on 24 January 2013 using the WordPress Platform and software.  (Originally the data was hosted on various evolutions of Rootsweb).  It is a work in progress, especially as regards possibly the creation of an Index of the Newsletter archive (all issues of which are now uploaded and accessible with a Table of Contents “tool” at the bottom of both of the main pages) and some of the longer documented lines.  If you wish to compare the current pages with those at the Rootsweb site, click here.

Current (2013) Web Administrator:  Steve Flora.  Original Web Administrator:  Ken Florey.  Original site advisory panel  Brian Flora, Tim Flora, Steve Flora, Shirley Gamble, Dick Gethmann, Pat Hageman, John Marcinkowski, Betty Naff Mitchell, Donna O’Malley.

NEWS (17 April 2013):     There is now a newly inaugurated “sister site” at the following link:  http://floryfamilytree.com/

This TMG/SecondSite created page is administered by David Flory and he advises the following:  “The http://floryfamilytree.com/ web site is nearing its final form. I have settled on a design/theme and have figured out how to add several master indexes that include every individual in all twenty five family trees. I think the site is ready for public scrutiny.  It still needs work.  Particularly on the place information in the E-Line.  I also intend to keep adding cross-links to tie together the various trees.   Feel free to send comments and suggestions.”

MYSTERY and FAITH by Wilmer B. Flory (1914)

There’s a something in the flower

That exalts the soul of man.

There’s something in the sunset

That its dying embers fan.

There’s something in the starlight,

Beaming gently on the Earth

That softly sweeps our heartstrings

Giving harmony a new birth

What that glorious something is,

I cannot clearly tell;

But I see it in all nature,

And Faith whispers, “All is well.”

(For further on Wilmer B. Flory see the Newsletter Vol. 19, No. 4 pages 22-24)


82 thoughts on “HOME

  1. A note that may be of interest to some followers of this page ….
    I don’t know how many of you use a software program to manage any of your family history facts, data, etc. but for years I have used a great program called “The Master Genealogist”. The only problem with it being that in about 2005 it ceased being sold, supported and updated.

    It was always such a good organizing tool, however, that a TMG support group page has been going on Facebook for a number of years which offered support, advice and suggestions for users of the program.

    It is through a posting on that page that I recently learned of a move to rejuvenate TMG … to give it a rebirth as it were … under a project entitled the “Historical Research Environment” and the more I learn about it, the more interesting it seems. It’s webpage can be found here:


  2. Hello …. I have just read a book entitled FLOREY THE MAN WHO MADE PENICILLIN by Lennard Bickel, first published in 1972 under the title RISE UP TO LIFE. I recommend it for its family history, its history relating to the period from 1915 to Florey’s death in 1968, including a lot of insights regarding both of the world wars.

    It would be very interesting for those with a focus upon the Australian and English lines of Floreys, but it is very interesting in its description of the scientific method and in particular on the story of how penicillin was found (by Fleming), was then ignored for ten years, and was rediscovered and actually made effective by the work of the Australian Howard Florey and his team at Oxford University.

    Howard Florey’s parents emigrated from England to Australia … and in a way, Florey immigrated back to England. However, he spent a great deal of the peak time of his life travelling and in the US at various points ….. I recommend it as a very enlightening read.

    For an online biography of Howard Florey, see the following link:

    For those who may not be aware of Howard Florey in this day, I would consider him the most eminent of all the F/F/F’s that I have run across to this point. Or, as the Australian Prime Minister of the day said (when Howard Florey died in 1968): ” … in terms of well-being Florey was the most important man ever born in Australia.”

    SBF 26 July 2015

    • Hello …. that sounds interesting …. I vaguely recall hearing something along those lines at some point. Can you give a brief synopsis of the barebones of the story? Regards, S.

  3. Just to add a passing with respect to the E-2 line…Edna Marie Florey, wife of George Morgan Florey, Jr., passed away on November 13, 2014, in Norwalk, CA. She was born June 1, 1920. George and Edna were married on July 25, 1942. Today, myself and two of my siblings bid farewell to our mother, who is now interred with our father at Rose Hills Cemetery in Whittier, CA.
    submitted by: Ruth Florey Gilliland

    • Ruth, For some reason I wasn’t notified by the WordPress program of your comment (above). Thank you for adding that information. It would be good to see more such updates on the various lines …. S.

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