A family history meeting point for lines connecting to Florin, Flory, Flori, Floray, Fleurie, Flury, Florah, Florea, Fleurey, Flerey, Fllorey, Fleure, Florey, Flora, Flowry, Fleury, Flurie, Fleuree, Floore, Florig, Florry, Flowrah, Flooree, Floriey, Flohri, Flouri

Welcome to the Flory/Flora/Florey/Florea/Flori Genealogy site.  Our purpose is to promote general awareness of the history of the Flory family in America, focusing on those lines that arrived here prior to 1755.  We wish to encourage research into those lines, provide resource material for that research, and to have some fun along the way.  As we develop, we would like to include information about post-1755 lines also, so if you could provide us with information in that regard, we would be most appreciative. In the meantime, please take some time to browse our features and to look at the family lines (under Lines: North America and Lines: Australian, English, etc.). We have divided the early Flory lines into nine main branches (A-I), and have devoted a page to each.

Web Administrator Steve Flora …. Original Site Advisory Panel:  Ken Florey,  Brian Flora, Tim Flora, Steve Flora, Shirley Gamble, Dick Gethmann, Pat Hageman, John Marcinkowski, Betty Naff Mitchell, Donna O’Malley


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